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The Health category features information and activities to help kids and teens learn about physical and emotional health, including safety, fitness, and healthy lifestyles.

There are subcategories for emotional health, dental health, specific conditions and diseases, first aid, and nutrition.

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[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] Health, fitness, food, drugs, alcohol, disease, infection, safety, sexual health, and mental health are covered here.
BAM Body and Mind
[ Kids/Teens ] Learn about fitness, food and nutrition, exercise, disease, and safety. Take a quiz, play a game, or create a fitness calendar.
Child and Youth Health: Kids' Health
[ Kids ] Learn how the body works, eating a balanced diet, handling feelings and keeping safe. Play games and puzzles.
Doctor Secrets: Everything Doctors Know in Plain English
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Simple text and cartoons answer questions about everything from what causes acne to why doctors write so poorly.
Hair Growth Rate
[ Kids/Teens ] Explains why arm hair stays short, but hair on the head grows long. Includes how animals shed and change the color of their fur.
[ Kids ] Has doctor-approved articles, animations, games, and resources to help kids learn more about their bodies and stay healthy.
Land of Cyke
[ Kids ] Learn about feelings and how your body works through fun games and interactive Flash movies.
[ Kids ] Play games and learn about dental health, eating healthy, the five senses, and how tobacco hurts the body.
Meet Sidney the Kidney
[ Kids ] Tells what happens in a kidney transplant, talks about the wait to have one, and what happens afterwards.
Pediatric Oncall: Kids Corner
[ Kids ] Dr. Pedi tells all about the human body, its functioning and human body trivia.
Sleep for Kids
[ Kids ] Learn about what happens while we sleep, play fun games, and keep a sleep record. Explains about dreams, and why sleep is important.
Walk in My Shoes
[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] Learn what it feels like to be older and what happens to our bodies as we age.
We are Talking: Teen Health
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Covers information on teen issues including healthy relationships, skin care, dealing with depression and eating disorders. Has an "Ask an Expert" area to ask a question of the medical staff.

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