This category includes sites about individual explorers and groups of inventors. All sites are suitable for children and teens to read and use for enjoyment or for schoolwork. Biographies may be brief and sites may have several, perhaps connected by occupation, but the information contained should have the basic details, e.g., birth and death dates, some details of the life lived, major accomplishments, and so forth.

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Historical Inventors: A To Z
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Resource to research famous inventors, including timelines and sections on women, African American, Native American, Chinese and Hispanic groups.
National Inventors Hall of Fame
[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] Celebrates inventors, and has indexes of inventors with brief biographies, and an index of inventions so you can find out who is credited with which invention.
The Black Inventor Online Museum
[ Kids/Teens ] A look at the great and often unrecognized pioneers in the field of invention and innovation.
Fact Monster; Inventions and Discoveries
[ Kids ] List of inventions from A to Z with dates, inventors, and links to the biographies of some of these inventors.
Famous American Inventors
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Includes brief sketches and images of selected inventors.
Famous Black Inventors
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Profiles of selected African-American inventors of the 20th century.
George Edward Alcorn, Jr.
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Physicist and inventor. Provides brief biography, patent list, curriculum vitae and illustrations.
The Great Idea Finder
[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] Provides invention facts, inventor profiles, innovation timeline, history articles, and trivia quiz.
Henry Ford - Ignorant Genius
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Offers a biography and history.
Historical Figures in Telecommunications
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Brief biographical sketches of about a dozen people who have been important in the history of the development of telecommunications.
Innovative Lives
[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] Short profiles of men and women who are changing life today. From the Smithsonian.
Inventor Biographies
[ Kids/Teens ] Alphabetical list from Cleveland Abbe through Vladimir Zworykin includes nationalities, occupations and stories of their inventions.
Robert Noyce
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Brief biography of the co-inventor, with Jack Kilby, of the integrated circuit.
[Iris Mozilla]
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