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All About Coin Collection
Provides basic information, instruction and tips about coin collecting.
Alwin C. Carus Coin Collection
Digital images and descriptions of ancient, world, and U.S. coins presented by Hillsdale College.
Coin Collecting Guide For Beginners
Information on getting started in coin collecting as a hobby. Learn about the history of coins, how to grade them, and where to locate mint marks.
Coin Collecting Terms
A glossary of coin collecting terms and meanings.
Coin Collectors Reference
Site contains reference information for U.S. coin collectors, and coin grading information on most U.S. coins and U.S. coin errors.
Coin Community Forums
Educational coin collecting forum. Free registration required to post.
Coin Galaxy
Coin and currency information, grading and supplies.
Coin of the Year
Photos of coins associated with particular years, plus brief descriptions and history.
The Coin Page
Provides images of coins, tokens, medals, elongateds, bullion products free of charge.
Coin Supply Planet
Guide and information about all aspects of coin collecting.
Coin Update
Provides a round up of coin collecting news and information and images of popular coins.
Coin collecting FAQs, news and a discussion forum. Includes information and photos on US 20th century minted coins.
Free information on United States Coins, including pricing, rarity, and historical information.
Includes live precious metal quotes, a listing of US coin dealers, with search able database by zip code, coin shows and auctions.
Directory of rare coin sites and numismatic news portal, updated daily.
A forum site featuring a virtual coin museum, chat, and grading information.
Coins World
Provides information on coins from Greece, foreign coins, bank notes, euros, stamps, and medals.
Information about coins and currency, including numismatic FAQ, coin image gallery, and a discussion room.
Collecting Currency and Coins for Investment
A blog that is about collecting currency and coins, includes information and links.
A resource for information relating to collecting copper coins from the United States. Provided by a group of collectors who study specific areas of U.S. copper coinage.
Dakota Coin
Site offers beginning coin collecting information, about coin education, coin prices and coin values.
A Dictionary of Coin Terms
Dictionary of coin collecting terms. Done with some humor.
H.I.P. Pocket Change
The US Mint's interactive official site for coin collecting kids. The history of coin minting and what new quarters are due to be minted.
The Marteau Early 18th-Century Currency Converter
Offers html-pages for the automatic conversion between early 18th century European currencies. Designed to become a website for currencies in Europe 1670-1730
Medals and Coins
Discussion forum and photograph website devoted to collecting coins and medals from around the world.
Metals Used In Coins and Medals
A list of types of metals used in coins with descriptions, atomic weights and melting points.
A vast collection of Military Coins from all Branches of the Service.
Money Museum
A history of money including maps, images detailed information and tutorials.
My Coin Collecting
Resource with general information about coins and coin values. Provides information about rare coins, values and price guide, how to articles on photography, as well as storage.
Provides free portfolio management tools, detailed coin listings for over a million U.S., world, and unusual coins, as well as pricing and mintage information (by subscription). Also features Numismatic news, blogs, and a comprehensive events calendar for the U.S. and beyond.
A numismatic catalog which help you to identify your coins, manage your collection on line and swap with other collectors all around the world.
Penny Structures
Texas Tech engineer shares pictures of U.S. pennies stacked to make elaborate structures.
Q and A's for Coins
Experienced collectors answers to your coin collecting questions (origin and identification).
sibrium Luca Gianazza
Curriculum, research activities on Italian coins and download area with numismatic presentations. (English)
Offers detailed pictures from counterfeit and authentic silver coins completed with coin specifications.
Tom's Coin Page
Information about coins found in circulation for collectors.
Type Set Coin Collecting
Site dedicated to type, variety, or theme set coin collectors. Collectors can share collecting ideas, discuss topics, or share information while providing a resource site for the education of coin collecting.

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