This category aims to bring together sites dealing with the ever-growing topic of Second World War reenactment. ALL the sites in this category are strictly apolitical, no militia groups or people supporting or condoning Nazi, racist or white supremacy will have their sites listed in the category. All listed pages dealing with the participation of German troops in WWII have been created by "students of military history, not political science", as one of them appropriately remarked.

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10th Dragoons, Polish 1st Armoured Division
An American reenactment group portraying a Polish armoured unit, which served under the British in the European theatre (Falaise Gap, Holland, northern Germany). Unit history, Polish commands and dictionary, unit pictures.
AFRA Reenactment Association
Umbrella group for axis reenactment groups in the UK. Insurance, event bookings, TV and documentary, pyrotechnics and event management.
Graef System - Tactical Combat Rules
An attempt to standardize rules for WWII battle reenactments. A useful study material for any reenactor.
Northwest Historical Association
A U.S. based reenactment group, portraying a range of American, German and Commonwealth units.
Community and forum for all interested in the re-enactment and history of axis forces.
Paper Dolls
Portraying military and civilian life during World War Two; hometown sweethearts, Women's Land Army, French Resistance, American Red Cross, Women's Army Corps, German Signals Helferin, DRK Nurses and Nursing Helferin, WASPs, WAAFs, Russian Snipers.
War Time Living
The WarTime Living History Association exists to remind, portray and represent the forces Allied/Axis and Domestic which played a role in the Second World War.
WWII Polish Living History Group
Parent organization for the recreated 305 Squadron Polish Air Force and 10th Dragoon Regt. 2nd line squadron, 1st Polish Armoured Division 1943-45.

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