Sites found in this category will generally be alphabetized listings of English that is not considered to be standard. This means that the language is free from the grammar and spelling restrictions of mainstream English and has been shaped by the idiosyncrasies of a particular culture or group of people.

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Urban Dictionary
A searchable archive of contemporary American slang, listed in alphabetical order. Allows its users to create definitions for slang words and phrases and submit them for publication. Includes a "Word of the Day" section, chat features and live minute-by-minute site update logs. - Cockney Rhyming Slang
Origins, derivations and dictionary translations of the slang used by inhabitants of the East End district of London, England.
Carleton County Colloquialisms
Dictionary of the colloquial language of Carleton County, New Brunswick, Canada and Aroostook County, Maine, USA. Audio clips accompany each entry.
Chat Vocab
A mobile-friendly dictionary of acronyms and vocabulary frequently used in chat rooms and text messaging.
Definition of Slang
Slang translation, English dictionary definition of slang.
A Dictionary of Old Hobo Slang
A searchable compilation of slang used by vagrants and migratory workers, listed in alphabetical order.
A Dictionary of Slang
English slang and colloquialisms currently used in the United Kingdom. Includes definitions, a part of speech listing and an example sentence for each term.
English Slang List
A list of popular English Slang by EslCafe.
Historical Dictionary of American Slang
This is the only searchable dictionary of American slang that provides the decade in which the word first appeared.
Online English idiom dictionary.
English idioms and slang with their meaning, examples and origin.
Know Your Phrase
Common phrases and idioms with their meanings and origins. Learn definitions and some history about popular sayings used every day.
Dictionary of contemporary slang and English words comparison.
New Zealand Slang
List of New Zealand slang created from a mixture of Moari and modified English words.
The Online Slang Dictionary
A global dictionary of English slang compiled from user submissions. Includes a slang thesaurus and word lists browsable by letter.
Covers slang, made up words, "webspeak", colloquialisms and accepts contributions for new entries.
The Septic's Companion
A dictionary of British slang, viewable alphabetically or by category.
Compilation of popular slang terms and acronyms used on social networking sites. Includes definitions and usage.
Definitions of acronyms, abbreviations, and emoticons used in online chat and text messaging.
Southern Slang Dictionary
Colloquial American words and expressions originating specifically from Arkansas. Notes part of speech and includes example sentences. Sorted alphabetically.
TV Slang
This site allows for submitting slang, terms, phrases and sayings from television shows and movies and allows for browsing television slang as well.
Twittonary Dictionary
A dictionary of Twitter words submitted by tweeters.
A Way With Words: Double-Tongued Dictionary
An index of words from the fringes of English, including jargon, slang, and loan words. Includes analysis of new words, and modern connotations of words with old denotations.
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