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Articles with advice and methodologies on appropriate and effective ways to study.

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Academic Tips
Helping students manage time, take better notes, study more effectively, improve memory, take tests and handle the stresses of college life.
How To Study
Short tutorials on many aspects of study, note taking, writing techniques, flexible reading.
Learning and Grade Improvement Techniques
Over fifty articles produced by an Academic discussing critical writing, critical thinking, reading techniques, presentation techniques, research methods.
LearnPlus Learning Guide
Important elements involved in the learning process: time-management, concentration, memory, attitude, and learning styles.
Neuromod - Online Memory Improvement Course
It is possible to improve one's memory performance in specific areas by applying memory techniques. This site explain a number of systems ranging from simple to sophisticated. The training steps are clearly laid out and in most cases online training software is provided.
Online Writing and Learning
Practical study and assignment writing skills. Information and online workshops on academic writing, essay writing, referencing, and study and exam skills.
Professor Freedman's Math Study Tips
Math test taking and note taking tips. (Note: Animation and loud music included.)
Study Guides and Strategies
A list of collaboratively maintained study guides and strategies made available in over thirty languages. Articles cover every aspect of study and are formatted as bulleted lists.
Study Skills Guide (College of St. Benedict's/St. John's University)
Tips on time management, listening, note taking, remembering what you've read, test taking skills and stress management.
Study Skills Memory Principles
A list of memory or learning principles with a brief definition of each. Additional information related to the principles is available.
Study Strategies (University of Minnesota)
Ways to develop study skills competency.
Study Tips
More than fifty articles covering writing help, math help, science help, learning information / techniques and advice on a range of tests.
StudyGuideZone's Study Directory
Help with study skills, classroom learning, testing, and studying. Information for both students and educators.
Taking College Courses - University of South Florida
Advice from Gregory McColm, math professor, on reading a textbook, the purpose of homework and methods for dealing with it, how the mind is affected by homework, asking questions and getting help, and tests and grades.
A Working Mind
A Working Mind offers working memory training programs for individuals with attention deficits.

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