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Homeschooling is a legal option for parents to educate their children at home rather than attending a private or government school. It is INDEPENDENT of the public school system and its funding. What homeschooling is NOT: Programs such as alternate education programs where parents educate children at home, but with funding and oversight from the public school system, are not homeschooling. They are public school programs which allow parents to educate at home. Charter schools are not homeschooling. They are taxpayer funded. Homeschooling and public education are mutually exclusive. By its very nature, homeschooling implies familial control rather than state control.

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A-to-Z Home's Cool
Home school community website to help educate kids from preschool, kindergarten, up to and through high school with free online education, lesson ideas, educational websites, helpful articles, top programs, books, materials, curriculum, and Homeschool friends. Homeschooling
Provides unit studies, games, forum, local resources, and a weekly newsletter.
Ideas and resources for learning while in the car.
College Alternatives
Discusses ways of earning college credit and college degrees through independent study and credit-by-exam.
Cottage School Search Site allows you to find homeschoolers, cottage and classical schools, teacher and tutors close to your home.
Design Your Homeschool
A guide created to help the homeschooling family design their own unique plan to suit their goals, approach and needs of each child.
Print-outs, forms, planners, handwriting practice sheets, grading cards, cursive animations, and resource links.
Eclectic Homeschool Online
An online homeschool portal with resources and support for creative homeschoolers, including state laws and regulations, curriculum reviews, articles, and a bookstore.
Free educational finds for preschool, K-12, and college.
Home School Information
Offers the positive and negative views of homeschooling, resources that are available for homeschooling, and links to colleges. Alumni Directory
Bulletin boards, classifieds, and user pages for this alumni directory which seeks to connect homeschoolers throughout the world.
Information and helps including philosophy, methods, materials, scheduling, tools, support, and step-by-step guide to getting started.
Homeschool Central
Advice for new homeschoolers, columns from the Miserly Mom, Catholic resources, preschool through high school activities, and information on individual states.
Homeschool Dads
Geared specifically for the fathers who homeschool. Includes homeschooling news, articles, organizations, events, and forums.
Homeschool Helper
Place for sharing homeschool resources.
Homeschool Highlights
Curriculum reviews and education articles from Dean and Karen Andreola.
The Homeschool Oasis
Encouragement for those considering it, starting out or burning out. Plan to spend some time exploring this 300-plus page site.
Homeschool Resource Directory
Portal site with support information, getting started, articles, laws, and regional resources.
Homeschool World
Home of Mary Pride's Practical Homeschooling magazine and homeschooling community. Large number of articles, news, online experts, up-to-date events list, groups listed by state, contests listing, forum, email newsletter, and links area.
Resources and information including articles and message boards.
Homeschooling Boys
Articles, an email list, and advice all boy-specific. From a Christian perspective.
Homeschooling on a Shoestring
Frugal ideas for homeschooling, including unit studies, educational software reviews, recipes, and safety tips.
Homeschooling Only One
Tips and support for those homeschooling only children.
Helping prospective and current homeschoolers find answers to their homeschooling questions.
Jon's Homeschool Resource Page
A large collection of homeschool resources. Online support groups, regional support groups, FAQs, discussion boards, chat, mailing lists and links.
Knowledge House
Homeschool information, library of educational and devotional articles, reviews, mini unit studies, fun stuff for kids.
Learn in Freedom!
Resources for unschoolers, homeschoolers, and all learners, with or without school.
Learning By Grace, Inc.
Online homeschooling academies including Jubilee, MorningStar, Grace Academy, Victory Math Academy, SAT training, and Radio Grace.
Learning Treasures
Provides worksheets, unit studies, articles, and a newsletter.
Let's Homeschool
Offers articles on homeschooling, statistics, curriculum reviews, and tips for the homeschooling parent.
Lifestyle Homeschool
Help for homeschool families to find freedom in living their lives with their kids without conforming to institutionalised ideas of education.
Parents Educating at Home (PEAH)
Discount card for home educators.
Resources and articles from seasoned veteran homeschoolers.
Secular Homeschooling
Resources, curriculum reviews, guidelines, and forums for nonreligious homeschoolers.
The Teacher's Cafe
Free homeschool resources, online activities, lessons, assessments in all subjects.
A variety of free resources for home educators, from software to unit studies. Also lists academic contests, homeschooling styles, and curriculum recommendations.
You Can Homeschool
Homeschooling experiences from one family and a long time support group leader are shared to help new families homeschool. Resources and ideas help parents learn more about Homeschooling from elementary grades through college.
You Can Teach Your Kids at Home
Provides learning activities geared toward preschoolers. Includes teaching tips, story stretchers, and a guide to getting started.

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