Regional Africa Society and Culture

Web sites that reflect the make up of the Africa's communities: its people, its history, and resources and institutions that serve the people of Africa.

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Africa Resource Center
Educational portal develops and distributes academic research materials and products on Africa including peer-reviewed journals, bibliographies, poetry, art, scholarly essays, stories, exhibitions, autobiographies and a who's who directory.
African Information Society Youth Network
A network project that was the result of regional initiatives from the Global Knowledge Youth Forums.
African Royalty
Notes and links about African traditional rulers.
African Youth Foundation
A non-profit development organisation created to aid young people in Africa, as well as African nationals abroad to undertake projects which will enable them obtain skills necessary for their future livelihoods.
Foundation for political education and dissemination of cultural information about Africa. Details of publications and research.
Afro Barometer
Comparative series of national public attitude surveys on democracy, markets and civil society in Africa. Includes news and updates, surveys, results, publications and data.
Ancestors in Africa
Information about mortuary customs and beliefs, ancestor worship, death, and dreams. Created by David Zeitlyn as part of the Experience Rich Anthropology Project.
Art and Life in Africa
Documents on art, culture and society in Africa.
Danny Yee's Book Reviews - Africa + African History
Reviews of books on African history and culture.
Ethno-Net Africa
A network for comparative studies, monitoring and evaluation of ethnic conflicts and social transformation in Africa.
The Guardian - New Africa
The Observer New Review reports from a dynamic continent that is finally daring to dream, changing the script from the same old stories of poverty, disease and corruption.
Highway Africa
Annual forum on journalistic, technological, and political issues crucial to the development of New Media in Africa. The Conference is held during September each year at Rhodes University.
Journal of African Philosophy
Promotes the study of African and African Diaspora philosophy; editorial, subscription and submission details.
Mortuary Customs And The Belief In Survival After Death Among The South-Eastern Bantu
Academic paper from the Centre for Social Anthropology and Computing, University of Kent.
Observatory of Cultural Policies in Africa
Provides information, scientific criteria and operational services for those involved in the development of cultural policies in Africa.
Pan Africa Bicycle Information Network
Working to improve opportunities for bicycle transport and low-cost mobility. Includes information, discussion groups, and links on policies, programs and other resources relating to bicycle or other non-motorized transport on the continent.
PBS - Wonders of the African World
Documentary by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. about African history and culture. Includes audio, classroom activities and additional resources.
PBS Wide Angle - Africa
Investigative journalism and documentaries about Africa and African countries.
Population Information Network - Africa
A collection of population information resources on the web produced in and by African institutions.
UNESCO - Iron Roads in Africa
Project to develop interdisciplinary scientific research and intersectoral activities about ironworking.
Wikipedia - Category:Ethnic Groups of Africa
Directory of encyclopedia articles about African ethnicities, by country and tribal groups.
Wikipedia - Culture of Africa
Hyperlinked encyclopedia article includes tribes and ethnic groups, music and dance, art and craft, folklore and folktales, languages and literature, philosophy, religions, festivals and celebrations, and food and drink.
Ìrìnkèrindò: A Journal Of African Migration
Publishes scholarly articles documenting the relevance of African immigration and migration to the world's social, political and economic systems.

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