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Agribusiness Support Fund
The ASF provides farmers, farmer groups, and entrepreneurs with demand-driven technical and managerial services on a matching grant basis to improve their productivity, competitiveness and creditworthiness to access financing for their enterprises. The site has forms and information about funding.
Board of Investment
Body charged with attracting investment into Pakistan. Provides information on investment opportunities, government policies, and facilities available.
CIA - Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments: Pakistan
List of government officials and their titles, updated weekly. Also includes the head of the central bank, ambassadors to the United States and Permanent Representatives to the UN, New York.
Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)
News and information on airports, flight schedules, flight standards, personnel licensing, air traffic services, CAA publications and the training institute.
The Constitution of Pakistan
Full text with amendments and comments.
Department of Plant Protection - Government of Pakistan
Information about Locust activity in the country as well as weather reports, tender notices. Site only works with Internet Explorer.
Economic Affairs Division: Foreign training
Receives, processes and coordinates various offers of training, scholarships, and opportunities to participate in international seminars and conferences. Information about types of training, applications, and a FAQ.
Fata Development Authority
Fata Development Authority(FDA)is a Pakistani government organization for the Federally Administered Tribal Areas. The objective of FDA is to broach more innovative, fast track and participatory approach for planning and execution of sustainable development projects in the economic sectors of FATA.
Finance Ministry
The Economic Survey is published annually as a pre-budget document.
ICL - Pakistan Index
Complete copies and links to the country's Constitution, along with related background, history and events, provided by International Constitutional Law.
IFES - Election Guide: Pakistan
Includes government overview, elections, news and links.
Kahuta Research Laboratory
The center for nuclear technology and material science in Pakistan.
Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources
Information about the Ministry, its departments and the public companies under its control.
Ministry of Science and Technology 01/12/04
Arm of the Government of Pakistan for planning, coordinating and directing efforts to initiate and launch scientific and technological programmes and projects aimed at economic development of the country.
National Database and Registration Authority charged with the establishment of a new registration system for the entire population of Pakistan.
National Accountability Bureau
NAB is a public organization carrying out across-the-board and transparent accountability to steer and guide the nation out of the abyss of corruption.
National Commission on the Status of Women
An initiative of Pakistani Government to overcome obstacles being faced regarding gender equality.
National Fund For Cultural Heritage
The purpose of the Fund is to promote the conservation and preservation of national heritage of Pakistan. The website covers the Indus, Ghandara, Islamic, Sikh, British and Post-Independence periods.
National Savings Organization
The Organization dates back to 1873. The Website has details of saving schemes, application forms and details about prize bonds.
The Official Web Gateway to the Government of Pakistan
A portal setup by Government of Pakistan to facilitate access to all the web sites run by various departments.
The Official Website of Excise and Taxation Department, Government of KP
The Excise & Taxation Department is primarily engaged in collection of various provincial taxes, duties, fees and cess items.
Overseas Pakistanis Foundation
Works to advance the social welfare of the Pakistanis working or settled abroad and their families in Pakistan.
Pakistan Banking Mohtasib
The Mohtasib is a regulatory intermediary between the Banking industry and consumers. The site has details about how to complain, jurisdiction, FAQ and history.
Pakistan Computer Bureau
The Bureau is a government committee to keep an eye on the progress of IT development in the country. Provides services to computerize government organizations.
Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority
Ensures safe operation of nuclear facilities in Pakistan.
Pakistan Post Office
Pakistan Post Office is a Federal Government Department. This is an informative and well planned website.
Pakistan Software Export Board
The Pakistan Software Export Board attempts to facilitate software development and its export, match making of local and foreign software companies, establishment of Software Technology Parks, Call Centres and other IT related activities in Pakistan.
Pakistan Sports Board
PSB was established to promote and develop uniform standards of competition in sports in Pakistan, and to regulate and control sports in Pakistan on a national basis.
Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority
Website has information about the activities of the PSQCA.
Pakistan Telecommunication Authority
The Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of Pakistan. It is supposed to promote and protect the interests of telecommunication service providers and users, ensuring that the consumers get high quality services at competitive prices, with a reasonable range of choice.
Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority, the television and radio regulator.
Permanent Mission of Pakistan to the WTO
Official site. Profile, statements, publications, and resources.
Privatisation Commission
THe PC has been set up to Privatise state owned enterprises in a transparent and equitable way.
Public Procurement Regulatory Authority
PPRA is the body endowed with the responsibility of prescribing regulations and procedures for public procurements by Federal Government. Has listing of all current and non-active tenders issued by departments of the GOvernment of Pakistan as well as rules governing purchasing by the Government.
Small and Medium Enterprise Development Authority has been established to function as the apex policy-formulation body for the SME's. It is the voice of the SME's, both within and outside Pakistan.
State Bank of Pakistan
Pakistan's Central Bank. Evolution, functions, and organization, and operation of monetary policy.
US Law Library of Congress - Pakistan
Annotated compendium of online sources providing access to primary documents, legal commentary and general government information about specific jurisdictions and topics.
Wikipedia - Pervez Musharraf
Hyperlinked encyclopedia article about the President of Pakistan.
World Legal Information Institute - Pakistan
Catalog and search facilities for over 500 databases from 55 countries including case-law, legislation, treaties, law reform reports, law journals, and other materials.
World Statesmen - Pakistan
Review of the country's history, politics, leaders and international organizations and treaties. Includes map, constitution, national anthem and pictures of historical flags.

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