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Fruit and vegetables can help keep your body fitter, healthier and happier. Find out more about the benefits of eating 5 A DAY.
Aberdeen Centre for Energy Regulation and Obesity
Latest news about obesity research from this department of Aberdeen University.
Adrenal Fatigue Focus
Lifestyle and nutritional advice for individuals suffering from adrenal fatigue.
Advice and consulting for consumers about issues including diets, nutrition, health, and eating habits.
British Egg Information Service
Information on egg production, recipes, egg sizes and nutrition.
British Nutrition Foundation
Promotes the nutritional wellbeing of society through the impartial interpretation and effective dissemination of scientifically based nutritional knowledge and advice
Canned Food UK
Information about nutrition in general.
Dietetics UK
Nutrition and dietetics discussion forum for health professionals and caterers.
Food Forum
Concerns food education, produced by a former specialist food teacher. Aimed at parents and teachers.
Food Standards Agency - Nutrition
A source of official nutrition guidelines, summaries of the Government's data on nutritional topics and outlines of the FSA's day-to-day activities.
The Great Grub Club
Website produced for children by the World Cancer Research Fund UK as part of their education programme, and supported by the Department of Health. Includes fun activities, games, and information.
Healthy eating - NHS Choices
Information on a healthy diet, with particular attention given to fat, salt, sugar, fruit and vegetables.
Human Nutrition Research
Cambridge University site using state-of-the-art scientific expertise and technologies to advance understanding of the links between human nutrition and health.
Institute of Optimum Nutrition
Certificated educational courses, a magazine on nutrition and healthy living, and a directory of qualified nutrition UK consultants.
Meat and Health
The official British Meat nutrition education site with emphasis on balanced diets, healthy eating including fruit, vegetables and meat.
The Nutrition Society
Aims 'to advance the scientific study of nutrition and its application to the maintenance of human and animal health'. Features news on nutrition research and the activities of the society.
Support group for nutritionists, dieticians and others interested in food, nutrition and healthy eating. Offers factsheets, meeting details and how to join.
The Sugar Bureau
Trade association for the UK sugar industry, offering information and advice about the role of sugars in the diet. Includes tips on dieting, the different food groups, energy levels, and fluid requirements.
The Vegan Society
Provides fact sheets on topics including nutrition and health.
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