Cimarron County was formed at statehood and named for the Cimarron River. The name Cimarron is a Mexican-Apache word meaning "wanderer." For many years, present-day Cimarron County was a part of "No Man's Land," an area populated with few settlers and regulated by virtually no law. Sheep and cattle ranchers entered this area long before it was opened to homesteaders, and today, farming and ranching constitute the economic base of the county. In 1943, Boise City, the county seat, was accidentally bombed by U.S. servicemen from Dalhart Army Base. Cimarron County is also the site of Black Mesa, the highest point in Oklahoma. The county also holds the distinction of being the only one in the United States to be bordered by four other states -- Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, and Texas. The Santa Fe Trail is the major tourist attraction of the county and is the theme of a four-day festival held each June. Cimarron County was once home to Hollywood stares Vera Miles and Jack Hoxie. The Tracks We Followed and Edna Farber's Cimarron serve as county history books. Location: Cimarron County is located at the western edge of the Oklahoma panhandle and is bordered by Colorado and Kansas on the north, New Mexico on the west and Texas on the south, the only county in the United States to be bordered by four different states. Climate: The average precipitation is 20.3 inches yearly in this area. January's average temperature is 38.1 degrees Fahrenheit and July's average is 77.7 degrees Fahrenheit. County Seat: Boise City Distances: Boise City to: Guymon - 62 miles Woodward - 187 miles Oklahoma City - 327 miles Land Area: 1,840 square miles of rolling hills and bluffs highlighted by the highest elevation in Oklahoma

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