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Alaska Dispatch - Palin Watch
Collected news and commentary about the Alaska politician.
The Atlantic - The Hard Right Skewers Sarah Palin, Vindicates Kathleen Parker
The former Alaska governor is under attack from her former champions, who owe her earlier critics some apologies.
Ballotpedia - Sarah Palin
Wiki about the Alaska politician.
BBC News - Profile: Sarah Palin
Profile of the former Alaska Governor and former vice-presidential candidate for the Republican Party. Includes links to related stories.
Conservapedia - Sarah Palin
Provides the personal background, political career and beliefs of the Republican politician from the conservative wiki.
Draft Sarah Palin For Vice President
Unofficial supporter blog of Adam Brickley, an employee of
The Guardian - Sarah Palin
Collected news stories, analysis, commentary and blogs about the former Governor of Alaska and former Republican nominee for Vice President.
National Review Online - Sarah Palin Archive
Collection of columns written by Sarah Palin from 2010 through 2013.
The New York Times - Sarah Palin News
Ongoing collection of news articles, commentary, photos and multimedia about the former Governor of Alaska and former Republican nominee for Vice President.
On the Issues - Sarah Palin
Provides quotes and background on various international, domestic, economic and social issues. Includes profile, contact data, forum and voter match.
Project Vote Smart - Sarah Heath Palin
Provides a biography, campaign finances, vetoes, issue positions, interest group ratings, speeches and public statements.
PunditFact - Sarah Palin's File
Truth-o-meter fact-checking of statements by the Alaska politician. A project of the Tampa Bay Times.
Snopes - Sarah Palin
Rumor control information on urban legends about Sarah Palin, including the true Anne Kilkenny letter.
Topix: Sarah Palin News
News from various media sources.
Wikipedia - Sarah Palin
Crowd-sourced encyclopedia article about the former Governor of Alaska and former Republican Vice-Presidential nominee.
The Daily Beast - You Betcha I Was Wrong About Sarah Palin
A conservative and former supporter describes his disillusionment with Palin. (January 15, 2015)
Huffington Post - Sarah Palin Resignation Speech
Full video and text of Sarah Palin announcing she will resign her office as governor of Alaska at the end of July 2009. (August 03, 2009)
Vanity Fair - It Came from Wasilla
Todd S. Purdum reviews Palin's run for Vice President and prospects for her future. (August 01, 2009)
Los Angeles Times - Sarah Palin
Collected news articles and photos about the Alaska politician. (July 05, 2009)
Los Angeles Times - Sarah Palin Lacks What the GOP Needs Most
Writer Doyle McManus describes how Palin's abrupt resignation and rambling explanation portray her as empty-headed, flaky and polarizing, and who quit her office to cut her losses. (July 05, 2009)
Runner's World - I'm a Runner: Sarah Palin
Dan Simmons interviews Palin about her love of running. (June 24, 2009)
The New York Times - McCain Campaign Divided Over Palin
After McCain's campaign implodes, several insiders reveal striking arguments and infighting that impeded their strategy. (November 06, 2008)
Huffington Post - Palin Didn't Know Africa Is A Continent, Says Fox News Reporter
Report on great concern within the McCain campaign that Palin lacked knowledgeability to be a running mate, a vice president, and a heartbeat away from the presidency. (November 05, 2008)
Huffington Post - Palin Clothes Spending Has Dems Salivating, Republicans Disgusted
A revelation that Palin got more than $150,000 on clothing and make-up while claiming to campaign for the average Joe Sixpack creates a storm. (October 22, 2008)
Newsweek: Palin Is Ready? Please.
Newsweek editor Fareed Zakaria argues that while McCain says that he always puts country first, in the case of choosing Palin, it is simply not true. (September 27, 2008)
ABC News - Full Excerpts: Charlie Gibson Interviews GOP Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin
Video and transcripts of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's exclusive interview with Charlie Gibson. Part 1: experience, God, national security, Russia, Iran and Israel, and the Bush Doctrine. Part 2: climate change and drilling in the Arctic National Refuge. Part 3: reform, congressing spending and the "Bridge to Nowhere", Hillary Clinton, abortion rights, social issues, sexism, banning books, "Troopergate" and economic policy. (September 13, 2008)
NOW on PBS - Meet Sarah Palin
Video of the PBS NOW interview of Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin. (September 01, 2008)
American Enterprise Institute - A Shrewd Pick, but a Responsible One?
David Frum, a resident fellow at AEI, questions the responsibility and wisdom of putting a former small town mayor and inexperienced governor one heartbeat away from the American presidency. (August 30, 2008)
TIME - Transcript: TIME's interview with Sarah Palin
Jay Newton Small interviewed Alaska Governor Sarah Palin by phone on August 14, less than two weeks before her surprise selection as John McCain's running mate. (August 29, 2008)
RealClearPolitics - McCain Should Pick Sarah Palin for VP
Jack Kelly gave his reasons back in June why John McCain should choose Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate. (June 04, 2008)
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