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Galaxy Zoo
Interactive project that allows the user to participate in a large-scale project of galaxy research: classifying millions of galaxies found in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey.
Andromeda Galaxy
Information about the Andromeda Galaxy with descriptions and pictures.
Arp's Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies
Information about Halton Arp's 1966 "Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies," aimed chiefly at amateur astronomers. Includes summary data, observing tips, and images. By Dennis Webb.
DIRECT Project Homepage
Determining the distances to nearby galaxies.
Dust in Spiral Galaxies
HST and ISO Results.
Faulkes Telescope Educational Guide - Galaxies
Some useful information about the formation of galaxies.
Includes a set of notes by Nick Strobel. Topics include the structure of the Milky Way, the characteristics of other galaxies, and finding distances to other galaxies.
Many selected links to websites dedicated to galaxies.
NASA Windows to the Universe. Includes illustrations and introductory information about a variety of galaxies.
Galaxy - Wikipedia
Contains information of the types, dynamics, observations, and formation of galaxies.
Galaxy Collisions
A review article for non-specialists.
Galaxy Evolution Explorer
Contains information about the growth of various galaxies. Also includes images, news, and a glossary.
Galaxy Formation & Evolution Lecture Notes
Lectures given in 2011 by Julien Devriendt at Oxford University, which include an introduction to galactic dynamics and a primer on hierarchical galaxy formation. [PDF]
Galaxy Morphological Classification
Wikipedia article about the several schemes in use by which galaxies can be classified.
Globular Clusters in the Andromeda Galaxy
Data, observation notes about globular clusters within the galaxy.
High Redshift Supernova Search
Project at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab to search for supernovas in very remote galaxies. This provides an accurate means of measuring the distances to remote galaxies and thereby determining the age of the universe.
Lecture 27: Spirals and Ellipticals and Irregulars
Classifications, properties, and structures and dynamics.
M31: The Andromeda Galaxy
Includes a catalog of globular clusters, photos, and brief description.
Max Planck Institute For Astrophysics : Galaxy Formation
Purpose is to understand the creation of galaxies and the universe has evolved. Plans to study distant galaxies at optical, infrared, and radio frequencies.
Optical and Interpretative Astronomy Group
Research group at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Observatory studying the structure and evolution of galaxies, especially stellar dynamics, stellar populations and galaxy formation from the point of view of optical and near-infrared astronomy.
Review Articles about Galaxies
A collection of hundreds of review articles. Topics covered include normal, peculiar and interacting galaxies, as well as galaxy evolution and galaxy clusters. Part of Caltech's "LEVEL 5" knowledgebase of extragalactic astronomy and cosmology.
Skywalker Viewing Tool
Java-based viewing tool that allows the user to view galaxy surveys such as the Hubble Deep Field, using their browser.
Spiral Galaxies
Spiral galaxies with short descriptions and photos.
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