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Astronomy is the scientific study of objects and phenomena beyond the earth's atmosphere by means other than visiting them or sending probes. The history of astronomy is the study of the development of astronomy from the earliest written records to somewhere very near the present time. Astrology is not astronomy, but it did play a role in the development of astronomy. Babylonian astrologers' determination of the positions of stars may be found here, their study of the effects of those positions on human affairs will not. The history of the scientific search for extra-terrestrial intelligence may be found here. UFOs visiting earth will not. This category is not limited to Western astronomy. The written history of other astronomical traditions will be listed here.

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Astronomical References in the Ruba'iyât of Omar Khayyam
Excerpts and commentary with reproductions of some of Elihu Vedder's illustrations.
Astronomy in Sweden 1860-1940
From the Uppsala University Newsletter for History of Science.
Astronomy in the 18th Century
Discusses the development of reflective telescopes during the 1700's. Covers the different types of mirrors and lens that were used during these times. Includes some key contributors to the improvement of the telescope during this period.
Astronomy in the 19th - 21st Centuries
Part of the history of astronomy covering the discoveries of the size and nature of the universe.
Atlas Celeste
A rare celestial atlas discovered in the library of the Manchester Astronomical Society.
Biennial History of Astronomy Conferences
Workshops at Notre Dame, papers presented, abstracts, group pictures of attendees.
Big Ear Radio Observatory
Radio astronomy and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.
A Brief SETI Chronology
A timeline of the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, from Morrison and Coconni to SETI@home.
The Cosmic Elk
World history of astronomy and timekeeping with updates, and origins, based on original sources and places where possible.
The Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation
Robert Woodrow Wilson Nobel Lecture.
Digital Archive of Historical Astronomy Pictures
Images from the history of astronomy, old telescopes, pictures of astronomers, observatories.
Electronic Newsletter for the History of Astronomy
Complete archive and subscription information.
From Stargazers to Starships
Tutorial/historical exposition of the motion of Earth in space, Newtonian mechanics and spaceflight, on a high school level.
Gene Smith's Brief History of Astronomy
Covers the development of this ancient science from days of Stonehenge (3100 BC) to the discovery of Pulsars (1968 AD). Includes related resource links.
Archive of the History of Astronomy Discussion Group, the mailing list for scholars in this field.
Heavenly Mathematics: Cultural Astronomy
An interdisciplinary course on cultural astronomy.
Hindu Cosmological Time Cycles
An accurate calendar and the progenitor of the sexagesimal (base 60) "degree, minutes, seconds" measurement system.
Yahoo group moderated by Stuart Williams, F.R.A.S.
History and Philosophy of Western Astronomy
The History chapter of an introductory astronomy course.
History of Astronomy
Offers a history of the field and science. Features links to related sites, awards and contact details. Provided by the Working Group for the History of Astronomy.
History of SETI
An overview of the history of the search for extraterrestrial intelligence using radio frequencies. Includes photos.
Islamic Astronomy
Article by Owen Gingerich explores refinement and criticism of Ptolemaic astronomy, including religious influences on direction, and describes precursors to and influences on Copernicus.
Jewish Astronomy, From Ancient to Modern Times
Astronomy in Israel from Og's Circle to the Wise Observatory.
King Edward VI's Defence of Astronomy
Article by Heather Hobden on this historic document which shows the understanding of astronomy in the mid 16th century. Edward had his own astronomical instruments which are described.
Little Green Men, White Dwarfs or Pulsars?
A personal account by Jocelyn Bell Burnell on the discovery of pulsars.
The Manchester Astronomical Society History
The first hundred years, list of presidents, list of archived documents. - Astronomy
Articles on astronomers, observatories, work performed and its significance from the ninth to the fifteenth centuries.
Russell A. Hulse - Nobel Lecture
The discovery of the binary pulsar.
A Science Odyssey - Physics and Astronomy
PBS articles about 20th century astronomy and physics.
The Society For The History Of Astronomy
Academic and popular topics, with a focus on Britain.
The Star of Bethlehem
An investigation of the science and history which bear on the mysterious star said to have accompanied the advent of Christ.
Starry Messenger
Phase I of the Electronic History of Astronomy, developed in the Whipple Museum of the History of Science at Trinity College, Cambridge. Covers the history of instruments and techniques, themes such as astrology and calendar reform, and biographies of major historical astronomers.
Telescopes from the Ground Up
The history of telescopes.
Understanding Tidal Friction
Article by Peter Brosche on gaining understanding of changes in the Moon's orbit.
The Àryabhatíya of Àryabhata
The oldest exact astronomic constant? The ratio of earth rotations to lunar orbits in Aryabhata's AD 498 writing.

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