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This category lists sites especially for astronomical observatories of institutions.

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Armagh Observatory
News, public relations, FAQ, and the people.
Associated Universities, Inc.
Manages astronomical observatories for universities and National Science Foundation, press releases and information.
Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy
Consortium of educational and other non-profit institutions that operates world-class astronomical observatories.
Astronomical Observatory of Rome
Local information, scientific information, facilities, meetings and seminars, and links.
Burntwood Observatory (Walsall Astronomy)
Provides information on the observatory, amateur astrophotography of the solar system and deep sky objects and an advanced flight simulator.
Canada France Hawaii Telescope Corporation
News, observing, science, images, and outreach.
Climenhaga Observatory
Information on automated system, statistics, research interests, and discoveries.
European Southern Observatory
News, facilities and operations, projects, activities, general information, outreach activities, and information technology.
Faulkes Telescope
Education and science, information, training, news, and support.
Grove Creek Observatory
Tour information, astrophotographs, equipment information, images, moon chart, charged coupled device (CCD) imaging tips, and links.
Harvard College Observatory
Photographic plate collection, model shop information and images, information on 9 inch Clark and the Great Refractor, and public open nights.
Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias
Research, development, training, administration, and public outreach.
Johann Palisa Observatory and Planetarium
News, equipment, stars observed, photo gallery, online data, publications, and links.
Karl Schwarzschild Observatorium
Information on equipment and instrumentation, archives, education, public outreach, and news.
Klet Observatory
Introduction, minor planets, NEO observations, equipment, publications, recent discoveries, images, projects, and links.
Las Brisas Observatory
General information, astrophotography index, and links.
Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network
Private operating foundation building a global network of telescopes for scientific research and research-based education. Includes news and details of the network.
Lick Observatory
Facility schedule, calendar, resources, equipment and instrument information, available filters, printable log sheets, and bulletins.
Lund Observatory
Information, research, education, library, events, seminars, publications, resources, and links.
Mallee Sky
Introduction, the story, the facility, construction photos, general photos, map, and links.
Melton Memorial Observatory
Unit signup, history, touring, observing, and links.
Milkyweb Astronomy Observatory Guide
Database of all worldwide facilities.
Mount Suhora Astronomical Observatory
Information on the facility and equipment, pictures, schedule, publications, seminaries, and links.
NF/Observatory Home Page
Facility, equipment, and instrumentation information, articles, circulars, and image galleries.
Observatoire de Haute-Provence
Observing proposals, publications, photo gallery, instrument information, user's guide, and news.
Observatorio Astronómico Nacional
Equipment and instrument information, general information, news and events, projects and images, and history.
Observatorio del Pangue
Observatory 300 miles north of Santiago de Chile with the advantage of a favorable combination of geographic and climatic circumstances and no light pollution.
Orioloromano Observatory
Robodome observatory in Italy provides deep sky images.
Osservatorio Astronomico di Bologna
Information, activities, services, publications, equipment information, and library.
Ritter Observatory
Equipment and instrument information, observing information, and data archive.
Royal Observatory Edinburgh
City centre observatory with lectures, exhibitions and visitors centre. Includes information on the Astronomy Technology Centre and Edinburgh University's Institute for Astronomy.
SFASU Observatory
General information, public viewing sessions information, free star charts, images, courses, and facility, equipment and instrumentation information.
The Internet Virtual Telescope generating images of any part of the sky at wavelengths in all regimes from Radio to Gamma-Ray.
Sormano Astronomical Observatory
Information, image gallery, computations, space missions, and history.
Special Astrophysical Observatory
Equipment information, instrumentation and methods, schedule, and reports.
Springbrook Research Observatory
Photo library, news, projects, online robotic telescopes.
U. S. Naval Observatory
General information, FAQ, tour information, history, equipment information, inexpensive digital astro imaging, and instructions on constructing an 8 inch Dobsonian.
The UC Irvine Observatory
Facility information, images, public access, education and outreach, directions, and technical information on equipment and instrumentation.
University of Hawaii 2.2-meter Telescope
Facility located near the summit of Mauna Kea, and includes observing time request information and equipment manuals.
University of Toronto Southern Observatory
Facility and equipment information including images.
Vatican Observatory
One of the oldest astronomical research institutions in the world. History, equipment specifications, reports, images, news and a FAQ.
Villafranca Ground Station
The ESA WWW Server at Villafranca provides information on the Station and on the projects supported at Villafranca.
The Warner and Swasey Observatory
News, online interface, references, gallery, data download, archive, and software.
The Whole Earth Telescope Project
About the project, the community, observatories, campaigns, announcements, publications, and tools.
Wise Observatory
General information, personnel, observations, news, research, public information, and databases and circulars.
The World's Largest Optical Telescopes
Index of those operational and under construction, extremely large studies, and interesting projects.
Yerkes Observatory
Facility and equipment information, tour, history, public outreach, and gallery.

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