Sites offering supplies and services for research in processes of the Central Dogma of Genetics: transcription to mRNA, mRNA splicing, translation to polypeptides, modification of the resulting polypeptides by specific proteolysis and conjugation to carbohydrates, lipids and prosthetic groups, control of the processes. Separate sub-categories includes sites offering custom services and testing services.

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Non-profit plasmid repository which archives and distributes high quality plasmids. Also provides free plasmid tools and a vector database.
Amaxa Nucleofector Transfection Technology
Non-viral gene transfer directly into the nucleus of primary cells and cell lines, providing rapid target gene validation, acceleration of drug development and new applications for gene therapy - by Lonza Group Ltd.
AmberGen, Inc.
Develops tools for drug discovery and diagnostic assays, using cell-free expression and protein libraries to produce microarrays. Focused on asthma, osteoporosis and Alzheimer's disease, at Boston and Waltham, Massachusetts.
AnGes MG, Inc.
Develops drugs based on genetic intervention, in Osaka, Japan.
Applied Microarrays, Inc.
Sells microarray systems for genetic analysis, in Tempe, AZ, USA.
Bio-Information Management
Provides web-based data management for the laboratory.
Custom data analysis for genetic and clinical research , development and maintenance of websites, software and databases, in Maryland, USA.
BioFire Diagnostics
Spin-off of Idaho Technology Inc specializing on hybridization probes, thermocycling primers and custom oligo synthesis. Provides description of PCR-based diagnostics platform (FilmArray System).
BioNexus Inc.
Instruments, supplies and custom mutagensis services at Oakland, California.
Cambridge Epigenetix
Manufacturer of sequencing kits and reagents for oxidative bisulfite sequencing. Provide product support information and sequencing technology description.
Dyadic International
Gene synthesis using Chrysosporium lucknowense, in Jupiter, Florida.
Epigenomics AG.
Diagnostic tests, mainly in oncology, by determination of the methylation pattern of patient DNA, in Berlin, Germany.
Icosagen Group
Contract research and research products in molecular and cell biology, biochemistry, immunoanalysis and protein expression, in Tartu, Estonia.
Develops technology and kits for use in the field of genetic research, in San Diego, California, USA.
Implen GmbH
Manufacturer of the NanoPhotometer, a range of UV/Vis spectrophotometers for the non-destructive analysis of standard and micro-volume samples with automatic dilution. Includes links to partners, directions and contacts in Munich, Germany.
In Vivo Transfection
Review of in vivo transfection products and services for gene expression research studies in animals. Describes in vitro cells transfection and in vivo animal transfection terms, protocols, and associated laboratory products.
Provides tools for characterization of protein-protein interactions in pre-determined subcellular locations. Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.
Tools for gene therapy and cancer research including plasmid and cloning vectors, gene collections, selection antibiotics, mycoplasma curing kit, and prodrugs.
Manufacturer of Microarray Spotter, Microarray Pins and other lab automation products.
Life Sciences Consulting
Consulting company providing services to biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and healthcare industry. Provide information about experts and services.
NanoString Technologies
Manufacturer of gene expression analysis assays and software, including nCounter analysis system used in biology translational research and molecular diagnostics. Provides technical product support information, company news, events, and contacts.
Nugen Technologies, Inc.
Products for RNA amplification and detection for genomic and proteomic research, in San Carlos, California, USA.
Oxford Genetics Ltd.
Biotechnology company provides DNA plasmid vectors used by life science research community. All DNA products are based on the SnapFast plasmid backbone. Provides technology description and product support information.
Protein Services
Automated laboratory Wes protein analysis services. Offer high throuput protein expression analysis using automated western blot technology.
Takara Bio
Microarray, research tools for PCR, cytobiology, glycobiology and protein engineering, in Otsu, Shiga, Japan.
TCS Group
Chinese manufacturer of pharmaceutical ingredients such as trilostane, pimobendan, and minoxidil. Provides information about the company and products.
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