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Allele Biotechnology
Provider of reagents and services for molecular biology, specializing in the fields of nano-antibody development, cellular reprogramming (iPSC), fluorescent proteins, viral packaging and protein expression.
AM Chemicals, LLC
Supplier of solid supports and reagents for oligonucleotide and organic synthesis, custom radiolabeling of synthetic oligonucleotides, and custom synthesis in nucleoside, nucleotide, and oligonucleotide chemistry.
AMS Biotechnology Europe
UK based global supplier of research products and custom services. Products include antibodies, peptides, DNA, RNA, proteins, cell assay kits, cell culture, heparanase, apoptosis reagents, DNA damage reagents, cell migration invasion, tissue arrays, tissue slides, tissue blocks, electrophoresis, pagegels and zymolyase.
Apex Gasgen Ltd
UK company specialising in the supply of nitrogen generators to education and industry. Includes product range and contact information.
BD Biosciences
Develops products that help isolate, grow, and analyze living cells and tissue for genomics, proteomics, drug discovery and development, oncology and immune function.
Biochemical Direct
Supplier of a range of niche biochemicals to research institutions and universities.
European manufacturer of custom oligonucleotides, including DNA primers and chemically modified RNA molecules. Provides product and technical support information.
Biomatik: One Stop Source for BioReagents
Founded in 2002, Biomatik provides high quality research products and services, including recombinant proteins, ELISA kits, custom gene and peptide synthesis, and antibody production services.
Bioserve Biotechnologies, Ltd.
Offers custom diagnostic reagents, DNA synthesis, and MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry genotyping services, from Laurel, Maryland.
Creative Enzymes
Enzyme manufacturer for life science research and production of associated products. Provides information about enzyme-based products and services.
Electroporation Resource
Electroporation methods, protocols, buffers and kits used in molecular biology research. Provide information about electroporation and transfection contract services.
Embi Tec
provides electrophoresis systems, precast gels and reagents for molecular biology analysis. Spectrophotometer Cuvettes
US manufacturer of spectrophotometer cuvettes used for biomolecular engineering.
Folio Biosciences
Supplies human tissue microarrays, frozen human tissue specimen and ffpe samples, whole mouse tissue slides series and customized histology services.
Provider of protein and antibody solutions including antibodies, recombinant proteins, full-length cDNAs, cell lines and tissue samples. Specialists in recombinant proteins and domain-specific IgY (chicken) antibodies and their applications.
Design and manufacture specialized low oxygen workstations and incubator equipment for scientists focusing on cell research applications requiring precise atmospheric conditions that can be accurately controlled.
Irradiated Dog Tissue Archive
The Beagle Dog Experiments investigated the effects of Cobalt-60 radiation on beagles. This web portal seeks to make accessible the tissues and study details.
Isogen Life Science
Manufacturer of reagents, including peptide nucleic acid, online ordering of oligonucleotides and instruments, for micro-disection and sub-microliter spectrophotemetry, and consumables in Maarssen, The Netherlands.
KareBay Biochem
Manufacturer of biochemical products, reagents and kits for life science industry. Provide product support information and contract services details.
Lamda Biotech, Inc.
Provides products and services for life science researchers in the fields of molecular biology, functional genomics, proteomics and gene therapy.
Life Science Equipment
High throughput screening, drug discovery and compound storage products including 384-well and 1536- well microwell plates, thermal cyclers and sonicators.
Microzone Limited
Manufacturer in the UK of molecular biology reagents specifically formulated for PCR based research, DNA fragment analysis and sequencing.
New England Biolabs
NEB offers restriction endonucleases, recombinant enzymes, PCR reagents, expression systems, markers, competent cells and reagents for RNA analysis, polymerases, modifying enzymes, nucleic acids, RNAi and RNA enzymes.
NovoPro Bioscience Inc.
Provider of antibodies, recombinant proteins, cDNAs and peptides. Provides technical information about proteins and phage display based monoclonal antibodies and their applications.
Shanghai ShineGene Molecular Biotech, Inc.
Offers gene synthesis, peptide synthesis, custom siRNA construction, custom antibody service, real time PCR, protein expression and a range of products.
Sino Biological Inc.
Worldwide supplier of products and contract services for biotechnology and pharmacy. The website includes online catalogs and a profile of the company which is located in Beijing, China.
Description of stable transfection service, stable cell line development, protocols and associated transfection products. Provides service details, contact information, and links to stable transfection reagents, kits, and contract research services.
Syd Labs, Inc.
Provides a range of molecular biology products including biomolecules, immunoassay products, fine chemicals, chromatography equipment and cell biology products. Offers services for biology research, biotechnology development and custom synthesis.
Thermo Scientific: Molecular Biology
Offers equipment, consumables and reagents for electroporation, electrophoresis, PCR and hybridisation. Access to peptide and nucleic acid chemistry for custom biopolymers.
Tib Molbiol
Custom synthesis of nucleic acids, LightMix kits developed for the use with the Roche LightCycler instruments, and real time PCR probes.

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