Supplies specifically for miniaturized techniques, such as the technology associated with microfabrication and microarrays
for Molecular Biology and Proteomics.
Companies that supply these, amongst other products, but which do not
have pages dedicated to their use may be found in the categories above.
Examples of their use may be found in the Arrays category.

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Atto-Tec GmbH
Develops fluorescent dyes for labeling of DNA and proteins, instruments for the detection of single molecules and automated systems for biochip based immunoassays from Siegen, Germany.
Automatic comet acquisition and statistical analysis for high-throughput single cell gel electrophoresis and snapshot data analysis from TriTek Corp, Sumerduck, VA.
Irish developer of an advanced microfluidics drug screening tool that uses a simulated human environment thus narrowing the gap between in vitro and in vivo testing.
Clondiag Chip Technologies GmbH.
Company engaged in development and production of microarrays for high-throughput genomics and diagnostics based in Jena, Germany.
Digital Microfluidics
Lab-on-a-chip research at Duke University, Durham, NC.
Offers array system, with bioinformatics for proteomics, miniaturized isoelectric point detemination and imaging systems, to supplement the traditional range of electrophoretic and chromatographic systems.
Dolomite Microfluidics
UK company specialising in the design and manufacture of microfluidic devices and microfluidic based instruments and systems.
Developer of microfluidic and nanofluidic pressure pumps associated products for microfluidics research laboratories. Provide product support information, company news, events, and contacts.
Company brings the latest microfluidic innovations from research laboratories to the market. Provides researchers with the technology description and application information.
GeSiM mbH
Microfluidic components and systems, including microdroplet pumps, flow sensors and automatic micropipetting systems for biochemistry, biomedicine and genetic research from Grosserkmannsdorf, Germany.
K7 BioSystems
Supplier of arrayers and related accessories for tissue microarray construction.
MicroSurfaces, Inc.
Overview of protein array technology from developer and supplier of low background coatings for microarray slides and microfluidics applications in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Phalanx Biotech Group
Manufacturers of whole genome human, mouse and miRNA microarrays, and providers of gene expression profiling and analysis consultation services.
PRS BioSciences
Offering time-gated CCD system for luminescence measurements suitable for microsecond protein probes, including europium chelates and cryptates, from manufacturer in Salford, England.
SuperBioChips Laboratories
Glass slides for immunohistochemistry, in situ hybridization, tissue array of human organs and cell lines, primarily for comparison with cancers, from Seoul, Korea.
Offer software and online services for DNA, RNA, antibody microarray and single cell image analysis, application development, system evaluation, customization and consultation from Carlisle, Massachusetts.
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