Science Biology Cell Biology Signal Transduction
Signal transduction involves ordered sequences of biochemical reactions inside cells carried out by enzymes, resulting in a signal transduction pathway.
Bioluminescence-related information, and current research on luminescence. Mainly marine related including jellyfish.
Cardiovascular Research Institute
Studies on regulation of cell polarity during chemotaxis, using combination of biochemical techniques, reverse genetics and live imaging to dissect the feedback circuits. Includes history and programs at University of California, San Francisco.
Cell Intelligence
Experimental research over two decades into the question of whether cells have a central signal integration system, including author profile, at Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.
Cell Signaling Technology, Inc.
Phospho-specific Antibodies and other Innovative Discovery Tools for Cell Signaling Research.
Chris Parsons
Hobbies, interests and academic work on the physiological, pathological and neurotransmitter roles of glutamate in the central nervous system. Includes publications in PDF, guest-book of English scientist working in Frankfurt, Germany.
Cyclic GMP
Overview of the receptor interaction and intracellular pathway, focusing on the role of nitric oxide, and their clinical relevance. Includes diagrams, animations, links to related pages and free access publications.
Field Laboratory
Studies on signal transduction by phosphoinositides in mammalian cells. Includes research, publications, photosd of personnel, related links and location at University of California, San Diego.
The Holmgren Lab
Research focused on the Hedgehog (Hh) signaling pathway, in development of invertebrate and vertebrate appendages, and differentiation in the fruit fly. Includes glossary with information on other pathways, publications linked to NML, staff photos and contacts at Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.
KEGG Pathway Database
A collection of graphical pathway maps, ortholog group tables, and molecular catalogs. Includes a few signaling pathway maps related to medical conditions.
Levin and Buck Lab
Research on bicarbonate regulation of second messenger cAMP pathway, publications, related links and staff contacts at Department of Pharmacology, Weill Medical College of Cornell University, New York City.
Publicover Research Group
Signaling studies in human bone cell and sperm, before fertilization at University of Birmingham, UK.
Redox Signaling
Overview the role of free radicals and other electronically-activated as cellular messengers, and its relevance to human disease conditions in stroke and alopecia.
International network of researchers developing comprehensive multidisciplinary models of neurons and neural systems, using the olfactory receptors pathway as a model, arranged as six databases, maintained at Yale University.
Signal Transduction
Wikiedia provides information on this process which involves ordered sequences of biochemical reactions inside cells carried out by enzymes, resulting in a signal transduction pathway.
Signal Transduction in the Nervous System
Signal Transduction Laboratory at East Carolina University Brody School of Medicine. Research focuses on signaling pathways activated in the nervous system during development, disease and aging.
Signal Transduction Knowledge Environment
Resources in the field offered by Science Online. Requires registration, and subscription fee for most content.
Signaling Pathways
Updated pathway diagrams assembled by in-house scientists and outside experts to provide succinct and current overviews of selected signaling pathways - informational resource from Cell Signaling Technology, Inc.
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