"Cryonics" is an experimental procedure whereby patients who can no longer be kept alive with today's medical abilities are preserved at low temperature for treatment in the future. The media think of this as "freezing people," but the field is more complex than that. Cryonics is not the same as "cryogenics," a more general term referring to a branch of physics and engineering concerned with the production of very low temperatures (e.g. by producing and storing liquid nitrogen, helium, and oxygen). See the link for "Cryotechnology." Also included here are a few sites about "nanotechnology," a new field concerned with the manipulation of individual atoms and molecules. Cryonics researchers assume that some form of nanotechnology may be required to revive the patients preserved by cryonics techniques.

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Alcor Life Extension Foundation (Cryonics)
Site for major cryonics organization in Scottsdale AZ. Includes a lot of information, including an on-line photo-tour of the building and of the cryonics process.
American Cryonics Society
The oldest Cryonics membership organization; founded in 1969 as the Bay Area Cryonics Society. In Mountain View CA. Offers background information, articles and theories.
Anders Sandberg's Cryonics Page
An extensive list of links to cryonics articles and to European sites related to cryonics.
Ben Best's Cryonics Articles
Primarily dealing with technical issues in cryonics.
BioPreservation, Inc. - Cryopreservation Services
A series of technical papers on cryopreservation research.
Brain Death and Technological Change: Personal Identity, Neural Prostheses and Uploading
A far-seeing but technical paper by James J. Hughes, prepared for the Second International Symposium on Brain Death. Date unclear, but 1996 or later. Includes discussion of cryonics and nanotechnology.
Can Cryopreservation Solve the Abortion Problem?
A thoughtful article by Thomas Gramstad which examines the social implications of preserving aborted embryos. From Longevity Report.
CryoCare Foundation - Cryonics Services
CryoCare Foundation offers cryonics services. Includes an explanation of cryonics, with a library of articles.
CryoNet - Cryonics Mailing List
A free discussion mailing list on cryonics-related issues. May also be read on-line; posts accepted from subscribers only. Searchable archives are available from the list's beginning in 1988.
Ralph Merkle's cryonics introduction. Short but requires some knowledge of cryonics already.
Cryonics -- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Up-to-date answers to basic cryonics questions. A good starting point. By Ben Best.
Cryonics and Cryptography
"Cryonics, Cryptography, and Maximum Likelihood Estimation," a paper by Ralph Merkle, Ph.D.
Cryonics Europe
Support and discussion group based in Sussex, UK, for people in Britain and the rest of Europe who are signed up for cryopreservation.
Cryonics Institute: Cryonics Suspension Services
Cryonic suspension services and information. Much of the text is also available in Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese by clicking on the appropriate button. This organization was founded by Robert Ettinger, the "father" of cryonics.
The Cryonics Society
A non-profit organization that aims to educate and inform the general public about cryonics. Does not provide cryonics services and is not affiliated with any service organization.
The Cryonics Society of Canada
For education and to organize cryonics in Canada. Does not provide cryonics services.
Ettinger's 1964 Thesis by Charles Tandy, Ph.D.
An article summarizing and paraphrasing the thesis, which argues that immortality should be scientifically possible.
An Exploratory Survey Examining the Familiarity With and Attitudes Toward Cryonic Preservation
A paper examining the results of a consumer survey on cryonics. By W. Scott Badger, from "The Journal of Evolution and Technology," December, 1998.
Human hibernation project. Offers the possibility of preserving all body tissues in an unchanged quality for a long time, in the expectation that the world will be a better place to live 50 years from now. Multilingual.
Russian company offering cryonics services, located in Alabushevo near Moscow, founded in 2005. In Russian and English.
Life Extension Society
A cryonics public education organization in the Maryland/D.C. area. Not a service provider.
Longevity Report
John DeRivaz's British site for cryonics, life extension, and the future.
The Marketing of Cryonics by David Pascal
An article arguing that a lack of promotion has kept the industry hidden and vulnerable to criticism.
Trans Time, Inc. -- Cryonics Services
A cryonics service provider in San Leandro, California.
Was Walt Disney Frozen?
The truth (no, he wasn't) with the legends behind the myth.
Yahoo! Groups : ConsideringCryonics
An on-line discussion group for those who are considering joining a cryonics organization but are worried about what their friends and family might think.
Would Freezing Ted Williams Work?
From ABCNEWS.com, an article on the cryonic suspension of Ted Williams by the Alcor Foundation and asking if the technology might work. (July 09, 2004)

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