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This category contains sites covering the many kinds of interactions that occur between animals, their physical habitat and their biological world. Behavior is the interface of the animal with its environment. The scientific study of animal behavior is Ethology.
Ethologists ask such questions as: By what means is the behavior produced? Of what use is it to the animal? How did it develop? What is its evolutionary history?

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About Gender: Ethology
An introduction to animal reproduction, maternal strategies, living in groups, dominance and male behavior. The rest of the site deals with human gender roles, variance and identity.
Animal Behavior
A free online textbook from Wikibooks.
Animal Behavior/Sensory Biology
Article from Wikibooks explaining that, by learning how the senses gather information, a better understanding of behavior is gained.
Animal Behaviour and Welfare Science Research Group.
The University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada examines how an understanding of the behavior of domesticated animals and poultry can contribute to their welfare.
Animal Cognition Network
Provides links to current scientific literature in the field of animal cognition. Includes journal articles, reviews, books and relevant websites.
The Arts of Deception - Mimicry and Camouflage
Article by Rhett Butler on camouflage as used by animals and the three forms of mimicry utilized by both predator and prey.
Causes and Consequences of a Lack of Coevolution in Mullerian Mimicry
Article by James Mallet in which he discusses whether the unpalatable species that copy one another for their mutual benefit evolved together. [PDF]
A Century of Generalization
This article aims to organise existing data to test the theory that, when a behavior has been established in response to a certain stimulus, novel stimuli resembling the first will usually elicit the same response. [PDF]
Consciousness in Animals and People with Autism
Temple Grandin discusses her views on animal consciousness, using comparisons from her experience with autism, citing scientific evidence on other neurological disorders which affect consciousness.
Laboratory of Animal Ecology, Rikkyo University
Current research includes the ecological and evolutionary basis for animal behavior, avian behavioral ecology, and what behaviors help an animal to adapt to its environment.
Mammalian Hibernation
Article by Ken Muldrew on mammalian hibernation, sleep and torpor.
Movie Archives of Animal Behavior
An online animal behavior video database available in various formats. Most clips filmed in Japan.
Processing Towards Life
L Charles Birch discusses self-organisation as exampled by termites, ants and slime moulds, where patterns of behavior are determined, not by some centralised authority, but by local interactions about decentralised components
Research Projects in the Mammal Research Unit
Details of the current research projects being undertaken at the Mammal Research Unit at Bristol University, England.
The Ryan Lab
Situated at the University of Texas, this lab is addressing questions concerning the evolution and function of animal behavior. Most of the work centers on frogs and fish.
Warning Colour and Mimicry
Mimicry is a great example of evolution by natural selection. Outline of a lecture on the subject from the Evolutionary Genetics course at University College, London.
World on the Move: Great Animal Migrations
BBC's Natural History Unit gathers information from correspondents, scientists and amateur naturalists to monitor migrating mammals, birds and insects as they travel.

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