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Environmental chemistry is the study of chemicals, which by their absence or presence in critical amounts, influence life on land and in water.  Environmental chemistry includes the chemicals that influence the levels of critical chemicals such as oxygen and carbon dioxide.  Hence environmental chemistry is concerned with contamination of the atmosphere and water resulting from industrial pollution.  Environmental chemistry includes methods of detection, quantifying the presence, and measuring differences from the natural state, as well as their effects.

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Applied Environmental Research Laboratories
The AERL conducts pure and applied research in the environmental sciences and supports the training of highly qualified personnel in environmental chemical analysis. At Vancouver Island University.
Center for Environmental Modelling and Chemistry
Research center at Trent University, Ontario, Canada, contributing to the scientific understanding of chemical behaviour in the environment. Several free modelling tools are available to download.
Environmental Chemistry
Resource for articles on environmentally significant chemicals, hazardous materials, social issues, educational aids, and geologic timeline.
The Foam Book
A reference source for aqueous foam technology subdivided by application.
Hebrew University of Jerusalem: Laboratory of Environmental Chemistry
Professor Ovadia Lev leads research into the formation of volatile organo-sulfur compounds in natural aquatic systems and develops analytical and bioelectrochemical diagnostic tools based on sol-gel technology.
Oak Crest Institute of Science
Non-profit environmental chemistry research and education organization.
Soil and Water Biogeochemistry at the University of Kentucky
Conducts research into environmental transport, fate, and remediation of toxic agricultural and industrial chemicals.
Wikipedia: Environmental Chemistry
Introduction to the scientific discipline, methods employed, and related fields such as the developing topic of green chemistry. Authored by contributions from the public.
Environmental Chemistry
Course notes, glossary, library resources, and exam questions from Northern Arizona University. (May 17, 2000)
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