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This category is for businesses which buy and sell products or provide services related to the study of geochemistry, or its various applications.

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Chemostrat Ltd
Chemostratigraphy is an intuitive stratigraphic technique that utilises changes in the bulk inorganic geochemistry of sediments to map out changes in provenance, diagenesis, palaeoclimate and facies. Includes scientific rationale and description of practical applications.
Chris Clayton Geochemistry Services
Consultancy specializing in geochemistry as applied to petroleum exploration and production, with subsidiary groundwater chemistry and mineral exploration projects.
Environmental BioTechnologies, Inc.
Provides geochemical and biochemical services to the petroleum and energy industries. Company profile, descriptions of services, including product packages, and contact information.
Environmental Geochemistry Consulting
EGC is a consulting company specializing in advanced chemical fingerprinting for identification, differentiation and source-allocation of hydrocarbon contaminants, environmental forensic geochemistry and litigation support.
Exploration Geochemistry Services
Off-shore and on-shore geochemical sampling of gases, water, and sediments for oil and gas exploration. Provides example applications for geochemical exploration surveys.
Geo-Microbial Technologies, Inc.
Worldwide use of surface exploration techniques for oil and gas exploration, integrating geochemical evidence of hydrocarbons with geology and geophysics. Analytical techniques, surveys, survey design, and contact information.
Geotrack International
Laboratory facilities provide a range of analytical and electron and optical microscope services to the mineral exploration industry. Includes case histories and research publications on thermal history reconstruction.
Integrated Geochemical Interpretation Ltd
Geochemical consultancy services and associated training courses and software. Includes a list of services and description of workflows, technical publications and course offerings.
Isotech Laboratories, Inc. (Champaign, Il.)
Information on the company, staff, and facilities, as well as the types of compositional, stable isotope, and radiogenic isotope analyses performed for the oil and gas industry. Analysis price lists and turnaround times are also provided, along with information on sampling containers and procedures.
Petrophase Ltd
Petroleum fluids consultancy to the petroleum and carbon sequestration industry. Specialises in phase equilibria and chemical changes of petroleum during migration, accumulation, production and processing. Includes a list of services and consultant profiles.
SGS Group: Geochemical Services
Supplies chemical analysis services to the minerals sector with over 100 commercial and mine-site labs globally.
TDI-Brooks International, Inc.
Provides an analytical laboratory facility and marine research vessels for field services related to geochemistry and environmental chemistry.
Weatherford Laboratories
Provides geochemical services to the energy industry. Services include wellsite sampling, core analysis, geochemistry, and evaluation of unconventional reservoirs including heavy oil, gas shale and coal bed methane.
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