This category is for the websites of individual artists who specialize in paleontology-themed art.
Agnew, John
Dinosaur and reptile art by John Agnew, the cover artist for the popular book the Dinosauria.
Atuchin, Andrey
Dinosaur artwork gallery.
Burian, Zdenek
Czech artist providing illustrations for popular books on prehistoric animals written by the paleontologist, Josef Augusta.
Carr, Karen
Art from an international wildlife and dinosaur painter.
The Dinosaur Art
Joe Tucciarone provides over fifty full-color illustrations of dinosaurs and other prehistoric beasts. Each image is accompanied by a description of the animal including its size, weight, diet and time-period.
Dinosaur Illustration
Art by Pete Von Sholly.
Fredericks, Mike
The Prehistoric Times magazine, a dinosaur and fossil art, modeling, and research magazine published in California.
Granger, Marcel
Information and photos from the stamp series "Prehistoric Life in Canada".
Headden, Jaime
Numerous dinosaur artworks from a young and upcoming Idaho artist.
Kelly Taylor Illustration
Portfolio of illustrations, past and present.
Kennis and Kennis
Paleos-artists specializing in paintings and sculptures of mammals and extinct humans. Also does three dimensional reconstructions based on skulls.
LoRusso, Dan
Dinosaur sculptures and illustrations.
McGrady, Charlie
Realistic dinosaur sculptures, both life-size and scale models in resin and bronze, for museums and private collectors.
Moravec, Josef
Dinosaur gallery of Josef Moravec's oil paintings showing prehistoric animals.
Padron, √ėyvind M.
Dinosaur artwork representing mostly new theories and species.
Page, Barbara
An interview with Barbara Page, painter of "Rock of Ages, Sands of Time" a 544-panel installation at the Museum of the Earth in Ithaca, NY.
Parker, Charley
A series of dinosaur cartoons drawn by the creator of the comic Zark!
Rey, Luis
Award winning colorful dinosaur art from Great Britain.
Stout, William
A variety of colorful dinosaur pictures drawn by an acclaimed artist and author.
Trcic, Michael
The sculptor of the T-Rex used in the "Jurassic Park" movies and the IMAX feature "T-Rex: Back to the Cretaceous", offers dinosaur sculptures in bronze and model kits.
Van Howd, Douglas
Life size bronze sculptures, including those on display at the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum.
Varner, Dan
A visual tour of recreations of Mesozoic marine reptiles by renowned paleo-life artist Dan Varner.
Von Sholly, Pete
Illustration site from one of the artists for the new Disney movie Dinosaur!.
Walters, Robert
A complete dinosaur art studio providing some of the most scientifically accurate dinosaur illustration and dinosaur sculpture available.
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