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The Quaternary Period is the geologic time period after the Neogene Period roughly 2.588 million years ago to the present.

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Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research
Information about the central institute of German polar research, its history, its facilities and research ships, and research topics related to geology and biology of the polar regions and world oceans.
Beringian Atlas
Paleonenvironmental atlas of Beringia, an area covering easternmost Siberia and western Alaska.
Cambridge Quaternary
Collaborators from several departments engaged in study of paleogeography, Quaternary history and stratigraphy, geoarcheology, palynology, paleontology, and related topics. Describes research, personnel, facilities, and activities.
Climate Change Institute, University of Maine
Studies of climatology and paleoclimatology, glaciers, Quaternary geology, paleooceanography, paleoanthropology, and related areas.
Laboratory for Paleoclimatology and Climatology, University of Ottawa
Information about research in the analysis and modeling of climate changes and their impacts on ecosystems. Particular focus is on recent history in Canada and the Arctic.
Midwestern US 16,000 Years Ago: An Exhibit at the Illinois Museum
Deglaciation and late Pleistocene animals and plants.
NOAA Paleoclimatology Program - Data Center
Archive for paleoclimate data, research, and education. Climate reconstructions and contributed data sets including: borehole data, climate forcing, corals, fauna, ice cores, insects, paleoclimate modeling, paleolimnology, paleoceanography, plant macrofossils, pollen, and tree ring.
NOVA Online - Warnings from the Ice
Educational website to accompany TV program offers information about Antarctica and about how ice cores provide a record of the past. Discusses how the world's coastlines would recede if some or all of the Antarctic ice were to melt.
Information from Wikipedia on the Quaternary Period, the geologic time period after the Neogene Period continuing from about 2.6 million years ago to the present.
Quaternary Paleoenvironmental and Paleoclimate Studies at Colby College
Information about student research, with numerous links.
Rutgers University Quaternary Studies
Offers a multidisciplinary graduate certificate program allowing students to specialize in the study of the last few million years in earth's history, incorporating anthropology, geology, geography, biology, meteorology, and environmental science.
Cracking the Ice Age
Web site related to the NOVA television program about the big sweep and panorama of the Ice Age. Links to other resources. (November 01, 1997)
The Ascent of Mind, by William H. Calvin
Book on the ice ages and how human intelligence evolved. (January 01, 1990)

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