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These sites are from companies that design, manufacture, distribute or sell lab furniture and ancillary equipment as their main (or one of their main) products.
This category includes sites that sell or service work benches, fume hoods, lab cupboards, case work, drying racks any and all types of lab furniture, including electronics assembly and test benches.

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Aakar Scientific Instruments Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturer of a wide range of laboratory furniture and fume hood systems.
Advanced Laboratory Equipment
Stainless steel furniture and equipment fabrication.
Air Master Systems
Manufacturer of fume hoods, steel and stainless steel laboratory furniture and accessories.
A and S Technology Co. Ltd.
Chinese distributor of laboratory furniture and occupational safety, health and environmental protection products and monitoring instruments.
Arredi Tecnici Villa a.s.p.
Italian suppliers of furniture for industrial laboratories, research centres, universities, schools, and hospitals. Products include benches, cupboards, work surfaces, service panels, and technical modules.
Art's Way Scientific
Specializes in the planning, design, manufacturing, and installation of modular biocontainment, diagnostic, and research laboratories and vivariums.
Associated Laboratory Services (UK) Ltd
ALS is a professional laboratory engineering company specialising in producing modern, safe laboratory environments for educational and pharmaceutical organisations.
Bandy Inc.
Designs, manufactures ergonomically user friendly electropolished SS clean room and laboratory furniture.
Supplier of standard formica and solid maple workbenches. Also cleanroom, static control (ESD) and chemical resistant workbenches.
Blackland Manufacturing
Supplier of epoxy resin table and counter tops, and pegboard drying racks.
Calibre Plastics Ltd
Specialist plastic fabricators - supply a range of science laboratory equipment including fume cupboards, exhaust systems, ductless hoods, chemical and flammable goods storage cabinets, and endoscopy equipment.
Case Systems
Manufacturer of plastic laminate furniture and casework designed specifically for education, healthcare, laboratory, and other commercial and institutional environments.
Ceabis Srl
Manufacturer of cold rooms, anatomy tables, autopsy tables, body refrigerators, mortuary equipment, cemetery equipment and funeral items.
Citizen Industries Ltd
Indian manufacturer and exporter of air handling units, laboratory furniture, animal caging systems, fume exhaust units, air handlers, animal care equipment, IV caging systems, laboratory fume hoods, laboratory work stations and HVAC equipment.
Contractors Register, Inc.
A listing of laboratory furniture and equipment from all over the US.
Durcon Company of Southeast Asia Sdn. Bhd.
Manufacturer of Durcon epoxy resin worksurfaces for laboratory tabletops, balance tables, pegboards, fume hood bases and sinks.
Design, manufacture and distribution of technical workbenches, lab furniture, test benches, electronic workbenches, ergonomic workbenches, modular workbenches, mobile workbenches, technical ESD benches, technical furniture, ergonomic seating, and technical workstations. Modular cabinets for custom installations.
Formaspace Technical Furniture
Designs and builds laboratory furniture including instrumentation tables, sinks, fixtures and racks, data entry, and sample processing labs.
Genie Scientific, Inc.
Fume hood, laminar flow hood and laboratory casework manufacturer. Also deal in reconditioned fume hoods, laminar flow hoods and metal cabinets.
Manufacturers of tray storage systems for education, schools, hospitals and laboratories.
Hanson Lab Furniture
A steel lab furniture design, manufacturer and installer of metal laboratory casework.
IAC Industries, Inc.
Range of modular and standalone laboratory furniture designed for workstation systems, cleanroom. Product catalog includes lab benches, chairs and accessories.
Integrated Laboratory Systems
Designers, manufacturers and installers of laboratory fume cupboards, extract systems and specialist furniture.
Inter Dyne Systems, Inc.
Manufactures stainless steel laboratory glassware pegboards, drying racks, and narcotic security storage cabinets.
InterFocus Ltd
Design, manufacture and installation service including building works, M and E services, decorating, project management of laboratory furniture, including fume hoods.
Iroquois Hoods
Provides a selection of base cabinets, acid and flammable storage cabinets, wall and floor cases and countertop materials.
Iryas Inc.
Engineering, scientific and laboratory. Design, custom and standard laboratory furniture.
Jackhandle Associates
Suppliers of furniture and storage solutions for lab and technology workspace.
Jamestown Metal Products
Manufacturer of metal laboratory casework, fume hoods and other laboratory equipment.
Kewaunee Scientific Corporation
Manufacturer of laboratory furniture and fume hoods.
Lab Fabricators Company
Manufacturer of standard and custom designed laboratory fume hoods, lab furniture, casework, counter tops, sinks and service fixtures for direct sale to contractors and end users.
Lab ID Sdn. Bhd.
Designers, manufacturers and installers of a range of lab furniture. Malaysia.
Labo Fab
Manufacturer and supplier of fume hoods, island benches, corner tables, working tables, anti vibration tables, instrument tables, chemical storage units and sink tables. Includes product details and contact information.
Laboff (M) Sdn Bhd
Manufacturer of a range of laboratory fittings and furniture. Includes a product catalog and corporate information.
Laboratory Design and Supply
Specialists in laboratory design, installation and relocation. Also supply laboratory furniture, fume hoods, epoxy countertops, biosafety cabinets and lab fixtures.
Laboratory Tables
UK company manufacturing lab tables and lab benches to any size, fixed or mobile, with under bench cabinets and drawers if required.
Labscheme Allchem
South African firm offering the design, manufacture and installation of specialised laboratory furniture systems and corrosive fume extraction systems.
LF Systems, Corp.
Laboratory furniture design, supply, installation including metal and wood lab furniture and modular casework. Online catalog.
LOC Scientific
Laboratory equipment: fume hoods, laboratory furniture, and lab casework.
Longo Inc.
Offers laboratory design, casework, and ventilation solutions for research laboratories in the pharmaceutical, electronics, chemical and food science industries.
Looped Logic
Suppliers of steel laboratory furniture, lab benches, cabinets, tables and accessories.
Lotus Technologies
Distributor and installer of lab furniture and a range of lab equipment and products.
Lyman Associates, Inc.
Suppliers of laboratory furniture, fume hoods, cabinets and cabinet specialties.
Mark Finn Laboratory Installations
Provides design, manufacture and installation of laboratory furniture and services throughout the UK. Site includes much information to assist decision making.
Mark Products
Sales, design and installation of science,educational,and institutional casework and furniture for schools, libraries, hospitals, research and industrial facilities.
Mott Manufacturing
Manufacturer of steel laboratory furniture, fume hoods, acid and solvent cabinets for industrial, education and health care environments.
Nichols Casework, Inc.
Installs, certifies and maintains fume hoods, laboratory furniture and lab casework in the southeastern United States.
Nimesh Industries
Manufacturer of a range of laboratory furniture, fume hoods and accessories.
Pacific Cabinets Inc.
Architectural casework for medical, science and educational facilities.
Pepco Educational Products.
Lab furniture, only solid surfaces of Epoxy or Phenolic resins, custom and standard designs.
Prestige Laboratory Supplies
UK supplier of clean air products and consumables specialising in microbiological safety cabinets and spares for pharmaceutical isolators and operating theatres. Includes a company profile and product list.
S2M Service
Australian company specialising in the manufacture, service, maintenance, commissioning and upgrade of fume cupboards.
Saffron Scientific Equipment Ltd.
Design and manufacture containments including glove boxes, isolators, and mini-environments.
Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association
Represents designers and manufacturers of state-of-the art laboratories, laboratory furniture, tops, fittings, fixtures, fume hoods and related equipment.
Sheldon Lab Systems
Science, art, home economics lab furniture and equipment for high schools, colleges, universities and research labs.
South Coast Enterprises
Manufacture and sell hazardous chemical and material, acid and flammable storage cabinets for cleanroom and lab safety applications
SteelSentry Industrial Furniture
Manufacturers of laboratory, industrial and technical furniture including workbenches, workstations and rover carts.
Furniture. Modular design and wide range of accessories. For use in electronics labs, research labs, and other technical environments.
Table Solutions
Specializes in mobile, sound enclosed tables for mass spectrometry and rotary pump applications. Product descriptions, photos, and service parts information.
Designs, manufactures and installs laboratory furniture, ergonomic workstations, workbench systems, and storage equipment. Located in Michigan, USA.
Design and installation of lab furniture and supplier of turnkey installations and lab equipment. In English, German and Russian.
Thoma, Inc.
Supplies and installs fumehoods, laboratory furniture, school casework, and chalk/tack/markerboards.
Tripode Mobiliere
Algerian company supplying a range of laboratory equipment including benches, storage units, taps, Sorbonne hoods and security cupboards.
UK Laboratory Furniture
Firm offering a range of laboratory furniture including base units and Trespa Athlon work tops.
Ultra Fab India Private Limited
Manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of laboratory furniture including island benches, working tables, instrument tables, laboratory fume hoods and portable counter-top fume hoods.
Waldner Group
Manufacturing laboratory furniture and laboratory systems. Complete design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance services provided for the laboratory and ventilation systems.

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