This category is for sites dealing with software used to generate fractals, or software used for chaotic behavior computation (dynamic systems).

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Aros Fractals
A free, high-resolution, true-color fractal program for Windows 95/NT, and Macintosh.
A Mathematica-based software for creating mathematical, and algorithmic art.
Power Macintosh shareware generator that renders still and animated images.
Freeware fractal generator. Can do 24 bit and 3D transforms, including Quaternions. Includes history of program, gallery and fractal theory information.
Chaotic Dynamic Systems
Interactive applets that show billiard dynamic system motion in various shaped tables. Addresses mathematical concept.
Chaotic Processes Analyzer (CPA) Project
Downloadable software for calculating the correlation dimension of reconstructed attractor. Based on algorithms from the TISEAN project.
Double Fractal
Freeware fractal generator that can export images as POVRay files.
Easy Fractal for Macintosh
Fractal Generator with real-time zoom and large variety of effects.
GPL-ed free software for generating fractal planets and terrain. It uses Qt and OpenGL.
Fractal eXtreme
Win32 shareware program for exploration of the Mandelbrot set and other fractals.
The Fractal Farm
An on-line tool for viewing and breeding IFS fractal images.
Fractal Image Generator
Practice making fractals with this online tool. Features preview of image and dwell and frequency table.
Fractal Links - Amazing Seattle Fractals
Fractal art tutorials and free fractal software.
Fractal Studio
Complex, quaternion and phase-plane raytracer, featuring many different lightning models. Includes mathematical background and downloads. [German, English]
Tool to discover fractals and add them to a personal gallery.
Measures fractal dimension of image and curve with several methods. Includes documentation and related publications. [English, French]
Zoom through a library of fractals. Free download, Windows.
Fracture: A fractal screensaver
Fracture is a screensaver for Mac OS X that can generate a wide variety of fractal images, including the Mandelbrot Set, Julia sets, Self-Squared Dragons, and Attraction Basin fractals.
Open source program for drawing Mandelbrot and Julia fractals using optimized navigation algorithms. Includes snapshots and features overview.
Ghost Diagrams
Software for assembling sets of tiles. Includes samples and downloads.
A free explorer of 2D Iterated Function System fractals for GNU/Linux and Windows. Includes gallery and formula information.
Gnofract 4D
Four-dimensional, inter-relational Mandelbrot and Julia set generator. Includes gallery, manuals, mathematical concepts, downloads and contact information.
DOS/Windows shareware fractal generator and screensaver, based on Martin (Hopalong) and Gumowski/Mira attractors.
Into the Mystic
Software to excite the imagination and help create intriguing two and three-dimensional images. Includes news, software, FAQs, gallery and contact.
Java Lindenmayer Systems
Java desktop program rendering two-dimensional Lindemayer sets. Includes technical background, download, installation instructions and screenshots.
Creates fractal plant images from a few bytes of text. LSysEdit edits and views Lsystems, and saves the images created by them as .bmp files. Free download.
Mandelbrot Applet
Generator with color selection and auto-zoom feature. Uses java.
Mandelbrot Explorer
Freeware package allowing simple, colourful, customisable exploration of the Mandelbrot and Julia sets.
Montagne 3D
A virtual landscape generator, based on fractal technology. After creation, the landscape can be modified by a graphic editor part of the application. Windows 95/98/NT shareware.
Quintessential Sophistry
Offers several Michael Sargent's QS-series DOS and Windows fractal generators.
Robert Inventor's Programs
Fractal music generator; animated 3D virtual flowers in compressed VRML format.
Windows application that generates fractals, cellular automata, attractors, IFS, L-systems, music, and other related simulations. Supports 2D and 3D fractal generation and movies.
Two-dimensional L-systems
Also called Lindenmayer systems or parallel string-rewrite systems, a compact way to describe iterative graphics using a turtle analogy. Mathematica examples.
Ultra Fractal
Shareware Windows 95/98/NT fractal plotter. A fractal consists of one or more layers, which are merged in Photoshop-like fashion. Each layer has its own fractal formula, location, and coloring algorithms.
This site describes a freeware Fractal Image Sequence Generator based on FRACTINT. It contains example videos of what can be achieved with it.
Fast portable realtime fractal zoomer.
Generator that renders 3D IFS fractal images, and enables lighting post-processing.
Dynamic, real-time Mandelbrot fractal viewer for DOS.
Distributed fractal explorer for mobile devices (phones and PDAs). Current supported platform is the J2ME, plus MIDP.
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