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Information source for researchers, practitioners, developers, and users working on all aspects of graph visualization and representation.
AbuGraph is a Java application for graph drawing and visualization. It can be used by another program by using a TCP connection. This enables viewing of a graph data structure which is part of another application.
aiSee Graph Visualization
aiSee automatically calculates a customizable layout of graphs specified in GDL (graph description language). aiSee supports 15 basic graph layout algorithms, recursive subgraph nesting, fish-eye views and easy printing. It has been optimized to handle large graphs automatically generated by applications (e.g. compilers).
Java framework designed for developers and researchers in the fields of graph theory.
Social network analysis, visualization and simulation tool. The software is open source, written in C++ and OpenGL.
CCVisu: A Tool for Force-Directed Graph Layout
CCVisu is a light-weight Java tool for force-directed graph layout and visual clustering. The layout is minimized using the algorithm of Barnes and Hut, and several energy models are supported. The resulting layouts are provided in text format, as VRML or SVG, or displayed on the screen.
Free resource that lets users create bar graphs, line graphs or pie charts quickly and easily.
GDToolkit - a Graph Drawing Toolkit
GDToolkit (also known as GDT) is a Graph Drawing Toolkit designed to efficiently manipulate several types of graph, and to automatically draw them according to many different aesthetic criteria and constraints.
GoDiagram - .NET and Java diagram components
Add custom interactive diagrams to .NET and Java user interfaces, including networks, workflows, flowcharts, org charts, and design tools. Optional automatic layout and instruments.
GoVisual-API is a library of layout algorithms that can be integrated into C++, .NET or Java applications. Includes advanced layout for UML diagrams and cluster diagrams.
Graph Drawing Contests
Provides information about past and present contests held in conjunction with the annual Symposium on Graph Drawing.
Graph Drawing Resources
Links to research groups and software.
Graph Drawing Software
Draws automatically large, directed graphs in high quality. It includes a graph editor, navigation features, an API for use by other programs and is available for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris in English and German.
Graph Magics
A tool for graph theory, having a generator and offering various algorithms: shortest paths, network flows, maximal clique, optimal coloring etc.
Open source graph (network) visualization project from AT&T Research. Has directed and undirected graph layout; many features for concrete diagrams, drivers for web and other graphics formats, and a plug-in architecture for GUIs and scripting languages.
A graph editor and tool for sketching graphs and performing some common graph operations developed in Java.
GUESS: The Graph Exploration System
An Open Source program written in Jython to visualize graphs and perform operations on them. Provides a Jython based scripting language with syntactic sugar for operating on graphs.
HyperGraph visualizes hyperbolic trees and graphs. It is used to show topic maps, sitemaps or hierarchies.
IBM: ILOG Visualization for Java
Simplifies complicated diagrams. The package rearranges complex graph data sets into clear on-screen drawings. Core information represented by nodes and links is much easier to understand.
A light-weight tool for force-directed graph layout and graph clustering (community detection). Includes reusable Java classes (LGPL license) for optimizing various energy models (including LinLog) and the modularity measure.
A set of java tools for network and graph optimization problems. It features basic graph algorithms and graphical user interfaces. Mascopt is under LGPL license.
Nodes3D is an open-source, platform independent, interactive 3D graph visualization system based on C and OpenGL.
OGDF - The Open Graph Drawing Framework
OGDF is an open-source C++ library containing a wealth of data structures and algorithms for graph drawing, including sophisticated features like SPQR-trees, planarity tests, graph planarization, and orthogonal layout.
The Open Source Java Graph Library
JGraph is a freely available Java Graph Component for the visualization and layout of graphs.
Pajek - a Package for Large Network Analysis
This program runs under Windows NT/9x and provides some analysis tools for large networks and graph-drawing capabilities.
PIGALE - Public Implementation of a Graph Algorithm Library and Editor
PIGALE is a graph editor and an algorithm library essentially concerned with planar graphs. Written in C++ and interfaced with the Qt library, it is particularly intended for graph theoretical research. PIGALE is released under GPL.
Tom Sawyer Software
Graph analysis and data visualization software that helps build applications to visually present critical information from all types of relational data. Free demonstration available.
System dedicated to the visualization of huge graphs. It manages graphs with a number of elements (nodes and edges) up to 500,000 on a personal computer. It features 3D visualization and modification. GPL.
Walrus - Graph Visualization Tool
Walrus is a tool for interactively visualizing large directed graphs in three-dimensional space. By employing 3D hyperbolic geometry to display graphs under a fisheye-like distortion, it provides a display that simultaneously shows local detail and the global context.
yFiles for Java
An extensive Java class library that provides algorithms and components for analyzing, viewing and layouting graphs, diagrams and networks.
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