Companies that offer a product or service that is related to scientific work in the field of fluid dynamics.

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AEFT Technology
Aerodynamic and thermodynamic test and educational equipment.
Specializes in high speed aerodynamics, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and aerospace related software for rockets, airplanes and gliders.
Amalgamated Research Inc.
Fractal control of fluid dynamics, fractal fluid mixers and collectors, fractal control of flows in distillation, absorption, aeration, extraction; industrial-scale chromatography.
Applied CFD
Consultants offering CFD analysis, modeling, simulation, investigating what if scenarios, parametric studies, virtual prototyping, optimization and customized software.
BHR Group
Process engineering, process equipment, fluid mechanics.
Blue Hill Hydraulics
Computational fluid dynamics, numerical modeling, hydraulics, flow-3d and computer simulation.
Brais, Malouin and Associates (BMA) is an engineering consulting firm specializing in energy, combustion, and numerical simulation (CFD).
CAE Associates
Provides CFD training, ANSYS software customization and FEA analysis for engineering simulation and design optimization projects.
Cape Horn Engineering
CFD consultancy company specialising in the hydrodynamics and aerodynamics of ships and offshore structures.
CFD and CAE software, training and consultancy.
CFD Research Corporation
Develops and markets software for CFD and provides services for engineering analysis and design, and R+D projects for new concepts, designs, and products. Based in Huntsville, AL, USA.
Concentration Heat and Momentum Ltd
CHAM is an engineering consultancy and software company providing flow-simulation services and a software package PHOENICS. Based in Wimbledon, London, UK.
Dantec Dynamics
Systems for diagnostics and research into fluid dynamics, microfluidics, spray atomization, combustion technology and materials/components.
Dynaflow, Inc.
Research and development in software, products, and instrumentation for fluid dynamics, gas/liquid interfaces, fluid structure interactions, high pressure water jet and filtration. Based in Jessup, MD, USA.
Exa Corporation
Develops and markets fluid flow simulation software. Headquarters in Lexington, MA, USA.
Engineering firm specializing in solving problems and undertaking product development in fluid dynamics and thermodynamics. Includes details of services and several case studies.
Florida Turbine Technologies, Inc.
Turbomachinery company located in Jupiter, Florida that employs engineers, modelers and technicians with experience in gas turbine design, development, test and manufacture.
Engineering and consultancy company specialised in fluid dynamics for industrial applications. Based in Delft, the Netherlands.
Industrial consulting firm for mechanical and aeronautical design and development of technical software. Site in Italian and English. Based in Colle Brianza, Italy.
Hyper Technology Software
Software development, editing and publishing, research and development for fluid dynamics, microbiology and micromolecular simulation.
K. Myles and Associates
Reference books on fluids handling.
LaVision GmbH
CCD-based camera systems and integrated optical diagnostics systems in the field of fluid dynamics (PIV), spray, combustion, deformation analysis and material science.
Liquid Dynamics UK Ltd
Pulsedoctor and shockdoctor technical services, PULSEVIEW and SHOCKVIEW diagnostics by software computer models or pressure diturbances. Input data requirement tabulators.
Canadian based company, which manufactures, sells and applies in-line viscometers and other in-line fluid analyzers to the process industry primarily in Europe.
Measurement Science Enterprise, Inc.
Designer and manufacturer of miniature sensors for flow, surface and particle measurement. Based in Pasadena, California, USA.
Nick Hutchins Fluid Mechanics
Consultancy offering computational fluid dynamics services to the commercial marine industry.
Consultancy with expertise in CFD-modelling of fluid flow, heat transfer, thermodynamic processes, two phase flow, fire, explosion and gas dispersion. Norway.
R.Tech CFD
Offers CFD simulations with expertise in modelling high-speed flows.
Rotordynamics of Turbomachinery
Engineering and consulting centre for dynamic problems in rotating machinery. Software, equipment and tools.
Worldwide CFD consulting specialised in providing flutter risk analysis for turbomachinery and other aerospace structures using linear and non-linear three-dimensional Navier-Stokes flow solvers.
Sage Physics and Engineering
CFD consulting for industrial clients; technology transfer and training to clients.
Simulent Inc.
An engineering software and consulting company providing engineering solutions for fluid and thermal systems.
SimuTech Group
Company providing engineering simulation software products, consulting and testing services to manufacturing and design engineering firms.
Swift Engineering Inc.
Performs measurements in a moving ground sub-scale wind tunnel.
Tahoe Design Software
Develops piping design, pump selection software and custom product promotion CDs. Free software downloads are available at their website.
TSI Incorporated
PIV, LDA, PDA and HWA systems for fluid mechanics and fluid flow research. Based in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA.
Ventilex manufactures fluid bed dryers, fluid bed coolers, flash dryers, jet-bag air filtration and steam sterilization equipment.
Wind Tunnel Manufacturing
Design, fabrication and service of wind tunnels and associated equipment, Aerolab.
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