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Statistical mechanics is the application of statistics to the field of mechanics. It relates the microscopic properties of individual atoms and molecules to the macroscopic or bulk properties of materials, hence explaining thermodynamics as a natural result of statistics and (classical or quantum) mechanics. It can, for example, predict the thermodynamic properties of bulk materials from the spectroscopic data of individual molecules.

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ArXiv Statistical Mechanics
Recent papers and preprints in Statistical Mechanics.
Boltzmann Transport Equation
A paper by Uri Lachish studying transport phenomena: currents and transport coefficients; thermally induced diffusion.
The Center for Complex Quantum Systems
University of Texas at Austin. Links to faculty and staff, events and books on chaos physics and other topics.
Online journal intended for collegiate audiences. Provides links to web-based articles as well as some "basic" lessons on entropy.
History of Statistical Physics
A short review by D. Flamm of the history of statistical physics.
King's College London
Statistical Mechanics and Quantum Probability Group. Staff and preprints.
Molecular Dynamics Simulator
Java applets to simulate motion of molecules under different potentials.
Monte Carlo Simulation for Statistical Physics
A brief online text book on Monte Carlo Methods by Paul Coddington, Syracuse University.
Phase transitions on lattices
Phase transitions and solitons in magnetics, site and continuum percolations with interactive Java applets and comments.
Philosophy of Statistical Mechanics
Entry in Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy with bibliography and links.
The Random Walk
Motion graphic web presentation examining the elemental one dimensional random walk showing how its probability distributions develop. Format allows independent accessibility of animated images and text.
SklogWiki: Statistical Mechanics
Wiki oriented towards theoretical and computational studies.
Statistical Mechanical Simulator
Online applet and downloadable program to simulate equilibrium statistical mechanics.
Statistical Mechanics in a Nutshell
Lecture notes by Jochen Rau from a course on "Transport Theory" taught at Dresden University.
Statistical Mechanics in a Nutshell
Lecture notes forming an introductory online text book.
What Does Negative Temperature Mean?
A short article from USENET Physics FAQ.
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