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To anthropologists, culture is the complex of learned, non-genetic behavior shared by the members of a society. Cultural anthropologists document the cultures of specific societies, and/or compare different societies in order to derive general principles of cultural evolution and human adaptation. It is the emphasis on cross-cultural comparison that helps distinguish cultural anthropology from many other Western social sciences.

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The Aesthetic Realism of Eli Siegel
Essays in cultural anthropology on the philosophy of Aesthetic Realism.
Anthropology Resource Base
Resources for indigenous cultures around the world provided by NativeWeb.
Birth of Symbolic Thought
Article by Licia Filingeri discussing the emergence of the ability to symbolize.
Critical Theory and Cultural Studies
"Cultural studies draws from the fields of anthropology, sociology, gender studies, feminism, literary criticism, history and psychoanalysis in order to discuss contemporary texts and cultural practices."
Cultural Islands
An essay by Thomas Hylland Eriksen that critically examines the metaphors which have underlied anthropological theory and research.
Culture by Commotion Trilogy
Online version of the series of books that include: Plenitude, Transformation, Commotion. The series offers an anthropological account of modern life by Grant McCracken.
Cultures Observations Database
Open content project collecting observations made by travelers on behavior in other cultures. Features project description, technical details, and contacts.
Research in architecture on the phenomenology of space of O. F. Bollnow. [in English, French and German].
Kinship and Social Organization
Hypertext tutorial covering descent, kinship terminology, marriage systems, and residence rules. Includes ethnographic examples.
Radical Anthropology Group
Features mission statement, group member profiles and journal.
Slovenian Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology
A portal dedicated to preserving national traditions and promoting research. Offers photos, articles, and fieldwork reports, as well as a calendar of local events.
Social and Cultural Evolution
A directory of links to research papers that discuss general theoretical approaches and models of culture change.
Symbolic Anthropology
A site that explores the relationship between symbols and a society's cognitive structure, rules of moral conduct and patterns of social interactions.
Theory in Anthropology
Descriptions of various subdisciplines of sociocultural anthropology, reviews of trends in anthropological publications, and biographies of some influential anthropologists.
Trobriand Island Digital Ethnography Project
Includes historic texts and current anthropological works, lists and links to Trobriand Island scholars.

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