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American Ethnologist
A quarterly journal sponsored by the American Ethnological Society. Features tables of contents and abstracts, contact and subscription information.
Annual Review of Anthropology
Publication that provides an overview of the many facets of anthropological research. Site features subscription information and outlines of future volumes.
Anthropology of Food
Peer-reviewed e-zine offers articles in English, French and Spanish.
Anthropology Review Database
Reviews of books, software, and audiovisuals.
Official journal of the Anthropos Institute. The scope covers ethnology, linguistics and related human sciences. Features index of past issues, instructions for authors and contact details.
Antrocom: Online Journal of Anthropology
On-line review covering both cultural and physical anthropology and connected disciplines. The published articles use non-technical language so as to appeal to the general public.
Caribbean Studies Press
Publisher of scholarly texts offers catalog, information for authors and contacts.
Current Anthropology
Transnational journal covering all subfields of anthropology. Includes submission guidelines, subscription information, and sample articles.
German Anthropology Online
Features English abstracts of articles from German-language journals and links to universities and museums.
Human Ecology Review
Twice-yearly journal of the Society for Human Ecology, publishing peer-reviewed research and theory on the interaction between humans and the environment and other links between culture and nature. Includes full contents of recent issues.
Journal of Anthropological Research
Quarterly journal covering all fields of anthropology. Includes abstracts of previous issues, lists of upcoming articles, subscription information, and submission guidelines.
Northeast Anthropology
Journal devoted to research from the Northeastern United States and adjacent regions of Canada. Features subscription information and submission guidelines.
Social Anthropology
Journal dedicated to social anthropology. Features information for contributors, editorial board, pricing and subscription details.
Waveland Press
A publisher of ethnographies and other anthropological monographs.
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