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In general, this category aims to provide researchers, policy analysts and economic planners WEB links to sources of information as well as discussion fora related to the economics of International Agricultural Trade and of Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture. In particular, the editing of this category is from the perspective of a business economist concerned with the impact of globalization of trade and services on firms as a result of the Uruguay Round General Agreement on Tariff and Trade. Although in agreement with the economic theories presented in support of such Agreement, it is foreseen that, in practice, the transition (or failure thereof) by the formerly protected domestic agribusiness firms into globally competitive industry players may and have caused households considerable suffering.

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Agri Benchmark Project
Global network of farm economists generating sustainable, quantified information about farming systems, their economics, their framework conditions and perspectives.
Agricultural Issues Center - UC Davis
Provides information on the Center, working papers, and discussion of the research agenda.
Agricultural Market Information Virtual Library
Resource guide to agricultural market information: selected sites organized by commodity, region or on market analysis. Provided by Michigan State University.
Project to develop methodological grids for the calculation of agri-environment payments in rural development measures in EU member states. Available in several languages.
AgriNet - Texas A&M University
Useful as an entry point in obtaining agricultural data for economic analysis and business modelling.
EDIRC - Agricultural Economics Institutes
Portal for academic departments, research institutes and associations that are focused on agricultural economics topics.
Entrepreneurial Skills of Farmers (ESoF)
This project will examine the economic social and cultural factors hindering or stimulating the development of entrepreneurial skills of farmers.
Foreign Agricultural Service - USDA
Offers links to current information on a variety of agricultural issues in multiple countries.
EU-funded project on decoupling of direct payments on agricultural production, markets and land use in the EU.
International Centre for development oriented Research in Agriculture
ICRA provides professional training in interdisciplinary team research in agriculture.
International Food & Agricultural Trade Policy Council
The IPC aims to promote a more open and equitable global food system. It concentrates on agricultural trade negotiations, the consequences of national agricultural and rural development policies on trade liberalization, and food technology and standards.
Medium Term Outlook for Dairying in the Developing Countries
Explains the impact of the change in feed support policies in more developed countries have had on developing countries' level of dairy production. Includes chart that compares the two "worlds" into total output, per capita supplies and net import quantities.
Oil World
Provides analysis of world supply, demand and price outlook for 10 oilseeds, 17 oils and fats, and 12 oilmeals.
Southern Rural Development Center
Land grant research and education for the southern U.S. states and Puerto Rico.
USDA: Economics, Statistics, and Market Information System
Gives projections of expected market growth based on current trends of economic development in the less developed countries. Charts compares forecast exports to imports from the years and other financial indicators. Covers details on crops and livestock, as well as inherent assumptions in compiling the data.
The WTO in Brief
This is the entry point for finding out what the World Trade Organization is all about in general, and as it affects agriculture, in particular.

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