Russian language, also known as "русский язык" (transliteration: russkiy yazyk), is an Eastern-Slavic member of the Indo-European language family spoken by approximately 278 million people in Russia and 30 other countries.

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Everyday Russian
Free online Russian lessons with audio. Includes word and phrase of the week, dictations, verb conjugations, error correction exercises, tests and quizzes. [English, French, Spanish]
A reference and information portal for the Russian language available fully in Russian. It provides a free Question & Answer service on Russian stylistic, a series of standard dictionaries, online textbooks and publications, news about the Russian language, educational games and a forum.
Learn Russian
Vocabulary and alphabet practice, quizzes, sound files.
Learn Russian
Frequency lists for over 2,000 Russian words. Sorted by parts of speech and accompanied with quizzes. English translations available.
Livemocha's Russian Courses
Free online Russian courses for beginner and intermediate language learners. Get help from native Russian speakers.
Lessons on grammar, vocabulary, alphabet and pronunciation. For both beginning and advanced students of Russian. Includes verb conjugation tables, dictionary, culture articles, and Russian literature with side-by-side English translations.
NCLRC's Russian Webcasts
A survey of authentic Russian news delivered twice monthly in simplified standard Russian. Accompanied by scripts, vocabulary support, and post-listening activities. Suitable for intermediate-level students.
An On-line Russian Reference Grammar
Sections organized by parts of speech. Includes Java exercises.
Online Russian Grammar at Cornell
Grammar and vocabulary explanations from the second edition of Beginning Russian adapted by the author. It presents all the major grammatical categories of Russian.
A very thorough reference grammar of the Russian language, by Edna Andrews. Part of the Reference Grammar Network of the Slavic and East European Language Resource Center.
Russian Alphabet Tutorial
Introduces the Russian alphabet; includes some practice exercises and sound files. Does not require Russian fonts to be installed.
Russian For Everyone
Grammar lessons and exercises for elementary learners of Russian. Includes audio files, summary tables and language games.
Russian for Free
Online Russian lessons, texts, grammar tables, dialogues and videos.
Russian Language for Lovers
Online Russian course, grammar lessons, vocabulary and translation tools. Specific focus on language used for dating, relationships and marriage.
Russian Lessons .Net
Beginners' lessons on Russian grammar and vocabulary. Includes verb conjugations, dictionary, dual-language books and exercises.
Russian Morphological Analysis
A database that analyzes/synthesizes forms and whole paradigms of Russian words. Entry by English translations also available. Best viewed with special fonts (downloadable onsite).
Russian National Corpus
A searchable 150 million word collection of samples of written and spoken Russian from a wide range of texts in electronic form. The corpus represents modern Russian in all the variety of genres, styles, territorial and social variants of usage.
Russian National Corpus-based Dictionaries
A collection of dictionaries prepared by the RAS Institute of the Russian language based on the Russian National Corpus. Includes the Grammatical dictionary of Russian neologisms, the New Russian frequency dictionary, the Combinatory dictionary of Russian intensifiers, the Verbal combinatory dictionary of Russian abstract nouns.
Russian Word of the Day
Discover a new Russian word every day along with its English translation, example sentences, related words and pronunciation samples. [RSS]
Russian Word of the Day
Daily analysis of the Russian vocabulary in blog format. Authored by Don Livingston, a professor from Arizona State University.
Video lessons, grammar, and quizzes for beginning and intermediate learners.
Language learning blog by certified Russian language teacher Yulia Amlinskaya. Sections include grammar, vocabulary, interactive exercises, communication and culture.
Thematic modules for language instruction that can be used in the classroom or for independent study. Free registration required.
Study Russian Online
Topical lessons for beginners, word lists with exercises, articles on phonetics, tests and games.
Taste of Russian
Audio podcasts for learning Russian as a foreign language. Topics include: sports, school, meeting people, apartment rental, hiking and holidays. [RSS]
Time to Speak in Russian!
An online beginners class for the study of Russian as a foreign language, including two basic courses with supplemental language learning materials. Prepared by the Moscow State University's Center of International Education.
TITUS Font for Slavisch-Kyrillisch
Download the TITUS font from here.
Transparent Language's Russian Blog
Multiple bloggers write on language and culture in Russia. Topics cover Russian holidays, history, travel, current events and food. New Russian vocabulary is introduced and explained inside blog posts.
Get help with Russian letters, basic grammar, and key phrases for travel to Russia.
Wikipedia - Russian Language
A collaboratively edited article covering classification, geographic distribution, writing system, sounds, grammar, vocabulary and history of the language.
Очень по-русски
Russian language podcasts with transcripts for intermediate and advanced learners. Covers slang, idioms and common expressions.

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