Trade Policy contains both academic and practitioner sites on the effects of trade on both domestic and international economies.

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Brasil Iraq Chamber of Commerce and Industry
A non-profit organization formed with the objective of strengthening the commercial ties between Brazil and Iraq. In Portuguese and English.
Business Planet
The World Bank Group provides information from about 183 economies around the world, showing how easy or difficult it is to do business there.
Center for Agricultural and Rural Development
Academic research and briefings in the Center's main research areas, which includes trade and agricultural policy.
Cybex Exim Solutions
Export import information on India and other countries.
Essays on International Economics
Essays on international economics, world trade and politics published by Jock O'Connell.
FlyingFish - The OECD's Crocodile Tears
An essay on globalization, WTO, IMF, the World Bank and the OECD.
Global Trade Analysis Project (GTAP)
Provides data, models, and software for multi-region, applied general equilibrium analysis of global economic issues, and organizes training and conferences.
International Economics Network
A portal for international economics and related disciplines with links to research papers, news and commentaries in the field.
International Trade Issue Briefings
International trade briefings and other issues in trade policy analysis.
International Trade Policy Course
An interactive on-line course teaching the fundamentals of international trade policy.
International Trade Theory & Policy Analysis
An e-text by Steven Suranovic.
Margin: The Journal of Applied Economic Research
Journal with peer-reviewed articles on applied economics including monetary and fiscal policies, trade and regulation, international investment, rural economics and development economics.
National Tariff Commission, Pakistan
The website for the official government trade body in Pakistan.
North American Free Trade Agreement - NAFTA
The full text of the North American Free Trade Agreement (provided by Organization of American States).
Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development - OECD
Provides analytical underpinnings to support continued trade liberalisation.
Aims to provide a structured, comprehensive database for exporters, importers and corporate professionals to do their research and access relevant information in a form and manner that is useful to them.
Public Policy Institute of California/CA Global Economy
The Public Policy Institute of California seeks to understand issues such as how U.S. trade agreements affects California’s state's performance in world markets, the effects of import/export traffic on the state's infrastructure, and the role of immigrants in particular industries
Trade and Development Centre
Contains essays, case studies, country overviews and an online discussion forum.
Trade Policy Papers
Includes abstracts and full texts of papers on trade policy by Dan Ciuriak.
Trade Policy Special Report
Articles, and links on free trade issue from the Washington Post newspaper. (Originally posted 1998)
United States Trade Representative
Official website for America's chief trade negotiator and principal advisor to the president.
The High Cost of the China-WTO Deal
The Economic Policy Unit provides information on US policy regarding China and its entry into the WTO. (February 01, 2000)
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