Every one can learn how to be creative. It's like anything else, if you practice a lot you'll get good at it.

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The Art of Dementia
BBC World Service interview with neurologist Bruce Miller exploring the relationship between fronto-temporal dementia and the development of new artistic abilities.
Art to Science - The Institute for Conflict Analysis
Introduces a new theory of behavior (both individual and cultural) based on the scientific study of the creative process. In addition to art exhibits that illustrate the theory, the site also includes a Creativity for Self Discovery section in which you can harness your creative powers to achieve better understanding and lasting change.
Blair Miller and Associates
A creativity consulting firm specializing in training corporate groups in the creative problem solving process, facilitating strategic meetings, coaching leaders in innovation, team work and productivity, and teaching teams to leverage diverse work styles.
The Center for Creative Learning
This site offers resources and many free downloads (in PDF format) on creative learning, Creative Problem Solving (CPS), and talent development.
Creative Education Foundation (CEF)
A non-profit foundation aimed at enhancing creativity and change in individuals and organizations. CEF also publishes the Journal of Creative Behavior and hosts the Creative Problem Solving Institute.
CReative European Association Conference
European Creative Problem Solving Conference. A conference where you can explore and expand your creativity. With support from Creative Education Foundation and Creative Problem Solving Institute
Creative Juices Arts
Workshops and retreats that support and encourage creativity as a method for spiritual exploration, emotional healing, and as a tool for developing intuition and joyful self expression.
The Creative Problem Solving Group-Buffalo (CPSB)
Offers consulting services for developing creativity and creative problem solving skills in organizations. Located in Buffalo, NY.
Creative Slush by Chris Dunmire
Information about creative projects, articles, and tutorials; also musings about life and reflective memories.
Creativity Coaching Association
A forum dedicated to introducing artists of all kinds to professional creativity coaches who are available to enhance and support their work. Member database, certification programs and coaching articles.
Creativity For Life
An exploration of creativity in everyday life, with articles, quotes, reviews and other creative resources to awaken creativity in daily life. We see creativity as process, not product.
de Bono Thinking Systems
Edward de Bono's advanced thinking tools and techniques, such as Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking.
Enchanted Mind
They combine humor, inspiration and special techniques to enhance creativity. Create flexibility in your brain and mind by expanding yourself daily with these simple exercises.
Eric Maisel
Author of many self help books on creativity.
Eureka! Ranch
Provides training and consulting in a quantifiable process for inventing breakthrough ideas for new products or business methods.
Encouraging professional and serious musicians to move towards fulfilling their creative potential within a structured, inspirational and supportive environment.
GoCreative Center
Comprehensive web site on creativity.
Great ideas
This page offers suggestions to provoke thought and help to keep an idea from getting stale.
Great Solutions to Team Challenges
An interactive site offering challenges to build creative problem solving skills. Add your thoughts or submit a photo.
How To Increase Brain Power
Techniques for more effective thinking, better memory, and more creative problem-solving. Concentrates on exercises and techniques that can show almost immediate results.
Ideas by Creativity Pool
A free pool full of new ideas and inventions. People can search the database for invention ideas, or donate their own ideas and be rewarded.
Defines the art or science of Imagineering.
Inspiration Software
Supports visual thinking techniques, enabling students to create and update graphic organizers, concept maps, idea maps and other visual diagrams.
King Solomon's Masterclass in Creativity
Free e-book course in principles of creativity, genius and personal success based on a new understanding of Solomon's "Song of Songs".
Lynda Curtin, Opportunity Thinker
Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking training and certification conducted in North America. Idea generating sessions are conducted at The Idea Loft. Keynote presentations are delivered at conferences.
Lyricalworks: Invoking the Muse
How can we begin to experience the creative process for ourselves?
Mind Course Of Learning Styles To Develop A Beautiful Mind
A development course to allow users to increase critical thinking skills and develop a better memory that improves motivation for a higher self-esteem.
Site offering to assist in expanding your creativity with hypnosis. Offers private sessions, audio tapes, online and telephone sessions.
Personal Growth and Success Course
Tools to boost self-concept, personal and business creativity, success and motivation. Based in Las Vegas
Project Zero
A project at Harvard studying multiple intelligences.
A Series of Cards of Association
Decks of cards used to stimulate creativity and communication.
Talent Development Resources
One person's annotated links on articles and interviews on creative expression and self-actualization.
Total Creativity in Business & Industry
Business creativity resources by Edward de Bono. Contains book extracts, details of courses, recommended reading, techniques and tips to develop creativity in the business environment.
The Virtual Home of the Imaginal Institute
Encourages and supports lifelong learning, and creative expression.
Wily Walnut
Free articles on creativity, increasing intelligence, and generating innovative ideas. Featuring strategies, techniques and attitudes to get your creative juices flowing.

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