This category contains sites for published researchers and educators, past and present, within evolutionary psychology. The majority of sites contain contact details and lists of publications; some additionally contain full text articles. Site descriptions contain the research interests and institution of each person, where appropriate.

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Barkow, Jerome H.
Evolutionary psychology, sociobiology, human reproductive behaviour (Dalhousie University, Canada).
Boyd, Rob
Evolutionary psychology of the mechanisms that give rise to and shape human culture (University of California at Los Angeles).
Buss, David
Evolutionary psychology of human mating strategies; conflict between the sexes; prestige, status, and social reputation; the emotion of jealousy; homicide; anti-homicide defenses; and stalking (University of Texas).
Daly, Martin
Evolutionary and ecological theories and psychology, particularly epidemiological studies on lethal violence among humans, and the behavioral ecology of desert rodents (McMaster University, Ontario, Canada).
DeBruine, Lisa
Kin recognition, facial resemblance, face processing. (University of St Andrews, Scotland)
Fessler, Daniel M.T.
Evolutionary psychology, emotion, sex and reproduction, food and eating, violence and risk-taking, conformity and cooperation (University of California at Los Angeles).
Geary, David C.
Children's development of basic number and arithmetic skills; evolution of sex differences (University of Missouri at Columbia, USA).
Haselton, Martie
Communication, social inference, courtship, and human mating (University of California, Los Angeles)
Henrich, Joe
Coevolution, development, cognition and cultural learning (University of British Colombia).
Iron, William
Evolutionary Ecology; Reproductive Strategies; Demography; Evolutionary Foundations of Morality and Religion; Pastoral Nomads; Middle East (Northwestern University, Illinois)
Jones, Benedict C.
Attributions to social cues, especially in faces (University of Glasgow, Scotland)
Kanazawa, Satoshi
Sex Differences in Behaviour; American Politics; American Culture and Society; Marriage Institutions; Monogamy vs. polygyny (London School of Economics, UK)
Kirkpatrick, Lee
Evolutionary psychology; psychology of religion; adult attachment and close relationships; statistics, psychometrics, and research methods; social and personality psychology (College of William and Mary, Virginia).
MacDonald, Kevin
Evolutionary perspectives on Judaism and European marriage practices. (California State University, Long Beach).
Nesse, Randolph
Depression and anxiety; Darwinian medicine (University of Michigan)
Pinker, Steven
Language, cognitive science, evolutionary psychology (MIT).
Singh, Devendra
Evolutionary significance of human physical attractiveness; Wait-to-hip ratio (University of Texas).
Sulloway, Frank
Life and theories of Charles Darwin; origins and validity of psychoanalysis; birth order, family dynamics and personality (University of California at Berkeley).
Tooby, John
Cross-cultural studies of psychological adaptations and human behavioral ecology (University of California at Santa Barbara).
Wilson, Margo
Evolutionary psychological perspectives on perceptions, emotions and motivations (McMaster University, Ontario, Canada).
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