Humanistic Psychology is closely related to Existential Psychology with more emphasis on nonverbal experience, spiritual experience and altered states of consciousness as means of realizing human potential.

Subcategories 1 - Erich Fromm
Short biography which focuses on his religious background and ideas about humanistic religion.
Abraham Maslow
A brief personal history and synopsis of his humanistic theory.
The Albert Ellis Institute
Focus on Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT). Includes information on workshops and programs.
APA 2000: Historic Dialogue between Beck and Ellis
Discussion between Aaron Beck and Albert Ellis about the nature of beliefs and rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT)
The Association for Humanistic Psychology (AHP)
Specializing in healing and expansion of the human psyche. Includes mission statement, events and workshops, membership and authors.
Carl Rogers
A brief personal history and synopsis of his humanistic theory.
Collective Consciousness
Papers on collective consciousness among humans,with animals and across time.
Division 32 - Humanistic Psychology
Offering information designed for students and practitioners. Includes a newsletter, officer list, humanistic study and convention program.
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
Official site for the psychiatrist who wrote the groundbreaking book "On Death and Dying." Biography, publications, quotes, and related links.
Erich Fromm
Biography and introduction to his theories
InFed: Erich Fromm
Biography and review of his theories and practical work, including bibliography and other suggested readings.
The International Erich Fromm Society
Articles by and about Fromm. Upcoming events, information about the Society.
International Transactional Analysis Association
International home of humanistic psychotherapy developed by late dr. Eric Berne.
Liberation Psychology
Developed by Michele Toomey in response to the sexism that permeates traditional psychology.
Marxist Writers: Erich Fromm
Biography, writings, and further readings
The Maslow Nidus
Information about Abraham Maslow and Eupsychian psychology.
Psychology of Personal Growth & Human Transformation
Explores psychological methods by which people can enhance their potential and live more holistically.
Resources in Humanistic & Existential Psychology
Links to several important documents in humanistic psychology, including the text of lectures offered on several of the prominent figures in the field, as well as summaries of major theories.
Science and Spirituality
Two modes of cognition are described: a rational-scientific mode and an intuitive-spiritual mode.
Self Knowledge for Creative Personal Growth
Offers articles for personal and spiritual growth from a person-centred perspective.
UK Association of Humanistic Psychology Practitioners
Information about practitioners providing humanistic therapy and counseling.

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