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Against Gardner
A critique, by Julian Darius, of Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences.
Brain Tricks - Psychology Intelligence
Offers information about the intelligent psychology of the mind through optical illusions or visual phenomena.
Diversity of Intelligence
Contains resources about possible reasons for the difference in intelligence, taking into consideration many factors.
Gifted Development Center
Site of Linda Silverman, a counselor and author who pioneered the concept of visual/spatial intelligence.
Great Ideas in Personality - Intelligence
Introduction to theory and research on the science of intelligence, with links to research papers, websites, and other reference sources.
Highest IQ in the World
This page provides top IQ scores information about the smartest people in the world, and how intelligence is relative to many aspects.
Human Intelligence
Resources for studying the historical development of intelligence theory including biographies, articles, and a timeline, hosted by Indiana University.
The Integrated Theory of Intelligence
Contains the original publication "Integrated Theory of Intelligence". It is considered to be a groundbreaking theory, and of great human import.
Intelligence Amplification
Explains ways to increase the mental abilities of humans to new levels, and possible methods such as cognition enhancing drugs and bionic enhancements, etc.
Intelligence and Psychological Testing
An undergraduate psychology course focusing on the history, theory and research about intelligence. Includes lecture notes and activities.
Intelligence, Intuition and Creativity.
The definition of intelligence in the Global Cognitive Theory. The best concept to define intelligence is the group of basic and abstract relational functions of Life.
IQ Comparison
Includes a number of tests for evaluating and converting IQ scores, as well as a list of mean scores in different countries.
IQ Test: Does it Measure Potential?
A critical review on the use of IQ tests in diagnosing children with learning disabilities.
Is Intelligence Distributed Normally?
A paper by Cyril Burton on the distribution of IQ scores, arguing that highly gifted individuals may have been underestimated due to the assumption of normal distribution.
Multiple Intelligences beyond Class
Contains resources on how to use part of the brain never before used, research, tips, tools and practical strategies to help form new neuron pathways towards a higher vision for life.

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