The category includes links to the sites containing mostly non-commercial information and dealing with the research, design and implementation in the area of earthquake/wind engineering of lifelines, building structures, transportation and industrial facilities.

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ABAG Data on Earthquakes and Housing
Videos and other information on typical building damage.
The Australian Earthquake Engineering Society (AEES)
A technical society of the Australian Institution of Engineers presents its earthquake related activities.
California Earthquake Authority (CEA)
The site of California Department of Insurance provides information on earthquake coverage.
California Seismic Safety Commission (CSSC)
Information on seismic risk mitigation and data on economic impact of events.
Cascadia Region Earthquake Workgroup (CREW)
A not-for-profit corporation of private and public representatives of Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, and California communities informs on its activities to reduce the effects of earthquake events.
Center for Earthquake Research and Information (ERI)
Research center at the University of Memphis is focusing on the earthquake activities and campus vulnerability studies.
Consortium of Universities for Research in Earthquake Engineering.
Damage of Steel Piers at Kobe Earthquake (Japan)
Information about damage of steel piers by focusing on column and beam members with variable cross-sections.
Earthquake and Housing Impacts for Bay Area
Seismic analysis of the extensive Bay Area housing stock including buildings that are broadly classified according to their basic characteristics.
Earthquake Country Handbook (SCEC)
Electronic version of the "Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country" handbook released to Southern Californians in October of 1995.
Earthquake Engineering and other Research Projects
California State University, Northridge research projects in the area of earthquake, wind and terrorist blast protection.
Earthquake Engineering Projects Summaries (NIST)
Information from the Building and Fire Research Laboratory of NIST.
Earthquake Engineering Research Centre (EERC)
Research, teaching and commercial activities at the University of Bristol (UK).
Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI)
Activities of the national society of engineers, geoscientists, architects, planners, public officials, and social scientists related to earthquake exposure, risk and protection of lifelines and building structures.
Earthquake Engineering Technology of New Zealand
Information and services available through the New Zealand Earthquake Engineering Technology Business Cluster.
Earthquake Research Institute (Japan)
Links to Divisions and Research Centers of the Earthquake Research Institute at the University of Tokyo.
Earthquake Resistance Committee (Japan)
Japan Society of Civil Engineers Special Task Committee of Earthquake Resistance of Civil Engineering Structures' activities information.
The George Housner Earthquake Engineering Collection
Supports research in the field of structural engineering related to earthquakes, especially the construction of buildings and infrastructure to withstand earthquakes. Lab reports available to all for download and links to related databases.
Hot Topics in Earthquake, Wind and Blast Protection Engineering
The site contains research papers which are developed at CSUN and presented in a brief and visual format.
Indian Institute of Technology: Department of Earthquake Engineering
The department is engaged in research and development in the fields of structural and soil dynamics, seismology, seismotectonics and instrumentation.
International Association for Earthquake Engineering (IAEE)
Links and publications in the field of earthquake engineering for interchange of knowledge, ideas, results of research and practical experience.
John A. Blume Earthquake Engineering Center (Stanford University)
News and reports on the advancement of research, education and practice.
MAST Laboratory, University of Minnesota
Earthquake simulation research laboratory specializing in testing the durability of large-scale structural components. A participant in the George E. Brown, Jr. Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES).
Middle East Seismological Forum - MESF
Non-profit scientific forum that provides a source for authoritative earthquake information on the middle eastern region’s seismicity, seismologists and ongoing scientific activities .
Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research (MCEER)
Description of activities focusing on reduction of earthquake damage and losses through research, development and application of new knowledge and advanced technologies.
National Information Service for Earthquake Engineering (NISEE)
Information resources, including an online bibliographic database, slides and photographs, selected papers, related websites, software and data.
University at Buffalo's Structural Engineering and Earthquake Simulation Laboratory, a key node in the National Science Foundation's "George E. Brown, Jr. Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation" (NEES).
NZSEE Home page
The New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering electronic newsletter and other information.
Out-of-Plane Seismic Resistance of Masonry Walls
Online publication at WorldSciNet.
Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research (PEER) Center
Research center's activities focusing on earthquake issues for the U.S. West Coast.
PEER Strong Motion Database
Relational database providing information about and access to strong motion recordings. Available in both java and text versions.
PEER: Tall Buildings Initiative
Project aimed at developing design criteria that will ensure safe and usable tall buildings following future earthquakes.
Public Roads On-Line (Summer 1994)
The Northridge Earthquake: Lessons learned and progress made in seismic-resistant bridge design.
Seismic Design and Construction
AISC information on the design and construction of fabricated structural steel buildings.
Seismic Design Review
Offer courses for the special civil/seismic principles portion of California Civil Professional Engineers examination. Includes course schedule, and instructor details.
Seismic Resistance Experiment Center (Japan)
Aichi Institute of Technology presentation.
Shake Table
Information on how to build a shake table to test the resistance of structures to earthquake shaking.
ShakeZone for Kids
Classroom exercises and video footage of earthquake damage and shake table testing of building models.
Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC)
Participants in research on earthquake hazards from nine institutions transfer earthquake information to the public.
Statistical Ground Motion Models
This site provides information and software useful to generate a large number of earthquake ground motions representative of a particular hazard level for a few particular geophysical areas of the United States.
Structural Engineering Earthquake Simulation Laboratory
Includes a 12 X12 foot seismic shaking table simulator, and an 18" thick concrete "strong floor" which covers an overall area of 3400 square feet. Offers material testing equipment for both static and dynamic loading systems; a structural models laboratory; a concrete laboratory; and a multi-story testing bay for testing full-scale components. At the University of Buffalo in New York.
UALR Arkansas Earthquake Center
Information concerning earthquakes, related campus research, design and preparedness.
USC Strong Motion Research Group
Research on earthquake response of man-made structures, aiming to improve seismic design procedures and to reduce earthquake risks. Located at the University of Southern California.
World Housing Encyclopedia
Web-based encyclopedia of housing construction types in seismically-prone areas of the world.
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