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Advanced Structural Control: Earthquake Protector
Video of a performance testing of a 6-story building model placed on an earthquake protector. The peak horizontal accelerations of the shake table are in the range of 1.2 - 30.6g. California State University Northridge. Requires apple quicktime.
Antiseismic Control: Structural Research Briefing
Research projects related to the earthquake/wind protective building control techniques that are developed at the California State University, Northridge.
BFRL Publications - base isolation
Building and Fire Research Laboratory of NIST draft guidelines for testing of base isolation systems.
Building Research Institute (BRI)of Japan
Information from Japan's major national research institution carrying out earthquake engineering and structural control research in buildings.
Dynamic Analysis of Base-Isolation Highway Bridge
Department of Civil Engineering, University of Maryland online paper.
Earthquake Protection Systems: San Francisco International Airport Terminal
Provides an example of a building designed to resist a magnitude 8 earthquake on the nearby San Andreas Fault.
Fluid Viscous Damping as an Alternative to Base Isolation.
Viscous dampers distributed throughout an otherwise conventional structure can achieve the same result as base isolation at a significantly lower cost. This technical paper describes how to install viscous dampers in a structure and gives several examples.
History, Design and Application of Fluid Dampers in Structural Engineering
Taylor Devices, Inc. provides information on the use of damping devices in large structures.
Seismic Isolation of Buildings by EPS
Earthquake Protection Systems, Inc. presents an overview of its major building projects incorporating seismic isolation devices.
Seismic Isolation of Industrial Facilities by EPS
Earthquake Protection Systems presents its major industrial projects incorporating seismic isolation technique.
Seismic Isolation System for Bolu Viaducts, Turkey
Earthquake Protection Systems supplied friction pendulum bearings which satisfied the high seismic design requirements for the rebuilding of these viaducts after the 1999 earthquake.
Structural Control Proceedings
Proceedings of the 1994 First World Conference on Structural Control and of the two preceding workshops.
Structural Dynamics - Seismic Response Control Laboratory at Duke University
Research information on semi active vibration control methods and smart damping, magnetorheological, and electrorheological devices.
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