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4 Seasons Coffee Company
Retail and wholesale coffee roaster offering single-origins and blends, including organic and flavored products.
A&E Custom Coffee Roastery
Freshly roasted-to-order.
Abbi's Coffee Mill and Roastery
A small-batch roaster that specializes in creating unique custom blends.
Adventures in Coffee
Gourmet coffee beans.
Ahrre's Coffee Roastery
Latin American, African and Indonesian coffee.
Amante Coffee
US-based importer of Ghigo family roasted products from Northern Italy. Also offers grinders, and information on brewing.
Ancora Coffee Roasters
Gourmet coffee, roasted to order.
Anthony's Italian Coffee House
Home of Anastasio coffee. Specializing in fine Italian coffees, pastries, cookies and gourmet food baskets.
Arabicas Coffee Australia Pty Ltd.
Specialising in arabica coffees from the Cairns Highlands. Information on range of products, and wholesale sales.
Aroma Coffee of Santa Fe
Small batch roasting of organics, estate and varietals, special blends and flavored coffees.
Offers coffee syrups, premium coffee and extracts.
Baronet Coffee
Specialty roasters offer coffee by the pound, pods, and teas. Includes wholesale products and marketing services.
Bay Coffee Roasters
Green beans and roasted blends and flavoured products. Also gives tips for brewing and information on franchising.
The Bean Forge
Roasted whole bean blends. Also gives brewing and storage tips.
Black River Roasters
Offers a range of fresh roasted coffee from around the world.
Blue Hat Coffee Gallery
Offers coffee that is roasted on-site.
Blue Jazz Java
Fresh roasted coffee available in single origin, blends, fair trade, flavored, or decaffeinated.
Boca Java
Coffee and tea products. Describes supplies and roasting processes, as well as special offer programs. Ships to US and Canada.
Boyd Coffee Company
Coffee, tea, syrups, cocoa, espresso machines and brewing equipment, and recipes.
Brown and Jenkins Trading Co.
Gourmet coffee roaster offering fresh beans or ground coffee. Selection includes organic, Kona, and espresso.
Caesars Coffee and Fine Foods
Several roasted blends, with flavoured and organic products. Offers gift and sample packs, condiments, and tea.
Cafe La Semeuse
Arabica blends, carefully roasted to create a full flavor without bitterness.
Cafe Monte Alto Coffee
Family-run coffee operation which grows, processes and roasts its own coffee.
Cafe Navilu
Products of southern India include Arabica whole beans, ground, chicory, flavored, or blended, and gift baskets.
Cafe Richesse
Family-owned, socially conscious coffee roasting company offering beans from its own Brazilian farms.
Caffe Appassionato
Offering a selection of organic, decaffeinated, and blends.
Caffe D'arte
Italian traditional artisan coffee.
Caffe Vita Coffee Roasting Co.
Specializing in small-batch coffee roasting, espresso preparation method, and espresso equipment. Wholesale and retail.
Caffe' Ottolina
The real taste of Italian coffee on the web.
Supplying a choice of roasted whole beans, including Besto Mexo, Columbo Yumbo, Mosta Costa, and Uncaf Blend.
Caracolillo Coffee Mill
A selection of whole bean varieties, green or roasted, natural or flavored, plus espresso bags and pillow packs.
Caravan Coffee
Micro-roaster of specialty estate coffees.
Caribou Coffee
Variety of coffees and monthly club, plus equipment and snacks.
Carmel Valley Coffee Roasting Company
More than 60 varieties of regular, decaf, flavored, organic, shade-grown and herbal coffee and gifts.
Carolina Coffee Company
Roasted whole and ground blends. Also offer accessories, gift baskets, and loose leaf teas. Includes list of North Carolina retail locations, newsletter, and company history.
Caswell's Fine Coffees and Teas
Specialty coffees including single origin and blends, roasted at shop in Jakarta.
Central Coast Coffee Company
Beans and ground, blended and flavored products. Describes roasting and decaffeinating processes.
Cerini Coffee and Gifts
Espresso and coffee beans, espresso machines, and accessories.
Christopher Bean Coffee Company
Featuring flavored blends, Kona, and specialty products. Describes types and roasting process.
CMeBrew Coffee Company
Offering Arabica whole beans, green or roasted, in a variety of flavors, and espresso blends. Sample packets available.
Coal Creek Coffee Company
Offering gourmet roasted and organic coffees, specialty, premium grade and arabica coffees.
Coffee Basics
Offers blends and varietals in several roasts. Describes products and company history, and also gives information on cafe in Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia.
Coffee Bean Direct
Roaster of coffee offers many varieties, in 1, 5 or 25-pound bags, as well as sampler packs, green beans, and bagged tea.
Coffee Bean Shop Ltd
UK based roastery, flame-roasting beans to order. Also selling extras such as filter papers and scoops.
The Coffee Beanery
Buy coffee beans: varietals, estate, special blends and roasts, flavored coffees. Learn about coffee roasting, agriculture, history, best preparation techniques.
Coffee Break Company
Features prepackaged for Keurig brewers. Also offers coffee service in Connecticut and western Massachusetts.
Coffee by Design
Select by region or type, whole bean or ground, plus a variety of teas, syrups, accessories, and brewing equipment.
Coffee Compass
Suppliers of fine coffees from the four corners of the globe. Single estate, speciality and blended coffee.
The Coffee Fool
Several blends and varietals, shipped from locations around the US.
The Coffee Pod
Also sells pre-roasted beans, syrups, accessories and domestic or commercial coffee machines. Includes articles and customer feedback.
Coffee Roasters of Charleston
Importer and roaster offering gift baskets and related food products, as well as ground and whole bean products. Lists roasts and flavors available.
Coffee Shop
Unsweetened flavorings, in personal and industrial sizes. Describes available varieties, and compares product to flavored coffee beans.
Coffee Specialties
Selection of gourmet coffee flavors and varieties available.
Coffee World
UK-based site that offers various coffees and speciality teas. Will ship worldwide.
Selling green coffee beans for the home roaster, or roasted gourmet coffee.
A choice of blends and flavors in whole bean or ground, plus tea, gift hampers, and brewing accessories.
Community Coffee
Importer, roaster and distributor of coffees from around the world.
Cool Beans Coffee Roasters
Coffees from around the world, including blends, decaf, and organic. Information on roasting process and Atlanta, Georgia-area stores.
Counter Culture Coffee
Offers selection of fresh roasted specialty coffees, including shade-grown coffees, CO2 decaffeinated coffees, and custom restaurant blends. Based in Durham, NC.
Cowboy Coffee
Whole and ground roasted products, as well as gift items. Describes company culture and employment opportunities in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
The Creemore Coffee Company
Ground and whole bean blends from around the world as well as a variety of hot chocolate. Ships internationally.
Cuvee Coffee
Combining the art of roasting coffee with state-of-the-art science and technology.
D'Amico Coffee Roasters
A variety of coffees and related accessories, from the shop in Brooklyn, New York.
Dane's Gourmet Coffees
Wholesale and retail blends, in various roasts. Also offers classes on coffee appreciation, and listing of stores in New South Wales.
Daybreak Coffee Roasters
Lists blends and varietals offered, as well as teas and gift baskets. Also provides information on store in Glastonbury, Connecticut, and on wholesale business.
Dazbog Coffee
Offers a full line of coffee products in organic and non-organic arabica beans, Russian roasted.
DeCoty Coffee
San Angelo, Texas. Blended, varietal, and flavored coffees. Also offer iced tea mix and spices.
Drip Coffee Company
Dallas, Texas coffee shop and offers online and shop sales of their coffees.
Duncan Coffee Co
Offers varietals, blends and flavored products. Includes company history and shipping information.
Dunkin' Donuts
Coffee sold by the pound, regular delivery programs, gifts and accessories.
Earth Friendly Coffee
Buys and sells fair trade Arabica coffee from small farmers from around the world and without added chemicals. Page includes online catalog, photo gallery, and fund raising opportunities. Locations in Alaska and Colorado.
Espresso Primo of Los Angeles
Espresso machines and oakwood roasted beans. Describes products as well as repair and catering services.
The Fair Trade Coffee Company
Offers coffee, teas, chocolates, and gift baskets.
Ferris Coffee
Offers coffee, nuts, and specialty gifts.
Flying Bean
Selections include regionals, blends, flavored, organic, Swiss water process decaffeinated, espresso, tea, and gift boxes.
Fonte Coffee Roaster
A micro coffee roaster offering a variety of coffees and teas.
Forsyth Coffee and Tea
Blended roasts from around the world. Also offers tastings and classes in Naremburn, New South Wales.
French Market Coffee
New Orleans, Louisiana. Offers specialty and flavored coffees, chicory blends, pure chicory, and coffee concentrate.
George Howell's Terroir Coffees
Coffee roaster offering single-origin coffees. Company profile, product details, and a coffee club.
Gold Coffee Company
World renowned coffee direct from the growers plantations in Hawaii, Kenya, Costa Rica, and Jamaica.
Greencastle Coffee Roasters
Roasters of flavored gourmet coffee, organic coffee. Our Victorian roasters date from the late 1800's -- from an era when 'fresh' meant newly made.
Grounds for Coffee
Providing whole bean coffees nationwide and coffee shop franchise opportunities, primarily in the Western United States.
Grounds For Thought
Lists prices for fresh-roasted products, as well as teas and accessories. Also includes menu for cafe in Bowling Green, Ohio.
Hampton Coffee Company
coffees from Long Island's world famous Hamptons.   Mail order our exclusive blends.
Happy Trails Cafe
Micro roaster offers specialty coffee, drinks and baked goods.
Harmony Bay Coffee
Photos of roasting process, storage tips, and descriptions of ground products, available in single-serving and larger cans.
Has Bean
Green and roasted beans, coffee makers, and home roasting equipment.
Hasbeans Ltd.
Describes roasted blends and green bean varietals and blends, with information on small plantation rebuilding project in Central America.
Hawthorne Coffee and Tea
A Portland, Oregon neighborhood owner-operated business. Offers a wide selection of freshly roasted specialty coffees and premium teas from all parts of the world. All coffees are roasted to order and shipped the same day. Delivery is by U.P.S. or the Postal Service.
Healthwise Coffee
Low acid whole bean and ground products. Describes processing and available roasts.
Heritage Coffee Company
Web site of the specialty coffee roasters in Juneau, Alaska.
High Country Coffee
Sells high-grown green arabica beans from Papua New Guinea and El Salvador to home roasters. Includes company history and links to growers.
Highland Coffees
Offering a selection from around the world, slow roasted in Scotland.
Highliner Coffee Co.
Several blends and varietals, as well as a cafe in Sitka, Alaska.
A Hill of Beans
Whole bean or ground coffee, straight or flavored roast, including Kona and Jamaican Blue Mountain. Capresso brand grinders.
Hogan Brothers Coffee
Gourmet micro-roasted coffees. Fresh ground and whole beans from around the world.
Sells a wide variety of the gourmet coffee beans.
Independence Coffee Co.
Texas roasted blended, varietal, and flavored coffees.
Iron Brew Coffee Company
Brazilian. Whole and ground products in several roasts. Company history and bean origin.
Irving Farm Coffee Company
Roaster and retailer of whole specialty beans specialty and related accessories.
Island Coffee
Over 100 different kinds of coffee from around the world.
Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee
Roasted whole and ground beans, or green beans, from around the world.
James Gourmet Coffee
Green bean and roasted whole bean and ground varietals from around the world.
Java Joes Coffee House
Sells fresh roasted coffee beans.
Java Vino Cafe
Offering packaged coffees for home use.
Java-Boulevard Coffee
A selection of whole bean varieties, or a choice of grinds, flavors, and blends. Gift baskets available.
Jelks Coffee Roasters
Specialty coffee roasters, but also sells related snack products. Includes wholesale information and online shopping.
Jeremiah's Pick Coffee
Selection of gourmet coffees in assorted flavors.
JH Coffee
Custom roasted products from around the world. Also gives company and family history.
Joe's Coffee House
Roasted and green coffee products, as well as tea and cakes.
Jones Coffee Roasters
Exotic and estate grown coffee. Blends, special roasts, single origins, flavored coffees, and coffee clubs.
Julius Meinl
Vienna, Austria-based specialty coffee roaster and distributor offering Viennese gourmet coffees, fine teas, natural preserves, gifts and accessories for the home, office, cafe or wholesale. Includes history, news and product catalogs.
Jumpy Monkey Coffee Roasting Co.
A small batch coffee roaster.
Killer Beans
Small batch, slow roasted, gourmet whole bean blends. Specializing in African, Indonesian, Caribbean, Mexican and Latin American varietals.
King David Coffee Roasters
Wholesale and retail fresh roasted beans. Kosher (KSA). Describes products and provides definitions of terminology.
King Pelican Brand Coffee
Regular and decaffeinated blends in a variety of roasts.
A Specialty Roaster selling a full line of products to retailers and consumers.
Kobos Coffee Company
Roaster of specialty coffees since 1973.
La Colombe
A roasting company offering a selection of different beans and grinds. Also includes related information. Wholesale queries are welcome.
Landmark Coffee
Wholesale and retail sales of a variety of whole bean and ground coffees.
LaRue Coffee
Roasted blends and varietals, as well as decaffeinated and flavored products.
Leelanau Coffee Roasting Company
International varieties, blends, flavored, Swiss water process decaf, monthly club and helpful hints.
Little River Roasting Company
Featuring a full line that includes varietals, blends, flavored, and decafeinated.
Lola Savannah
Sells fresh roasted blends, flavored, Fair Trade organics, and teas.
The Looney Bean
Roasted varietals and blends from around the world. Also has message board for local activities in Mammoth Lakes, California.
Luckman Coffee
Offers premium blends, estate, decaffienated, varietal, and assortments. Includes packaging, storage, and grind information.
Marlton Coffee
Specialty grade coffee beans available fresh roasted, flavored, or green. Home roasting supplies and coffee roasters.
Marylou's Coffee
Blends, flavored products and varietals, with monthly specials. Also locations, menu, and employment opportunities for cafes in Massachusetts.
Melitta USA
A full selection of products, traditional, French roast, Italian espresso, Columbian supremo, and flavors. Syrups, accessories, and brewing equipment.
Merdeka Coffee
Boutique coffee company dedicated to Indonesian coffees. Gives company history, information on regional varieties, and listing of roasted and green products, as well as machinery.
Midnight Sun Coffee Roaster
Coffee roasted Yukon-style. Also has coffee roasting tips, digital postcards, and a little known legend.
Coffee, coffee beans, gourmet, specialty and decaffeinated coffee from Millstone.
Montana Coffee Traders/Texas Coffee Traders
Mail orders shipped from both locations, with a store in Austin, Texas. They describe products, as well as charitable and fair trade activities.
Neighbors Coffee
Selling bulk whole bean and ground, dark roasts, organics, and special blends, flavor packets, instant cappuccino, and Snickerdoodle. Also creme de cocoa, gourmet teas, equipment, gifts, and accessories.
New Orleans Coffee Co.
Cool Brew Coffee - a concentrated, cold filtered, gourmet coffee extract, which captures the richest essence of coffee and coffee and chicory.
North Coast Coffee
Sells freshly roasted coffee from around the world.
North Pole Coffee Roasting Co.
A variety of coffee, sampler packs, gifts and coffee candies from the roasting facility in North Pole, Alaska.
Ohori's Coffees
Microroasted coffee and blends. Organic and decaffinated coffees also available.
Roasting gourmet and family blends of Italian-style espresso. [English/German/Italian]
Orleans Coffee Exchange
Sells varieties of freshly roasted coffee; New Orleans blends, estate, organic and espresso coffees.
Paradise Roasters
Specialty roaster offers blends and single-origin products.
The Perfect Cup
Specializing in single origin grands crus and other coffees, teas, medicinal herbs, and accessories.
Pierce Bros Coffee
Small batch, air roasted, organic and free trade gourmet coffee.
Poverty Bay Coffee Company
Micro-roaster of shade-grown, free-trade specialty coffees and sales of cold coffee concentrate.
Pura Vida Coffee
Fresh-roasted classic and Fair Trade coffees and teas. Profits are used to help meet the needs of at-risk children living in coffee growing regions of the world.
Puroast Coffee
Coffees are slow-roasted for four hours, has a reduced acid content.
Rao's Coffee Roasting Company
Coffee tips and background information on single-origin varieties offered.
Raven's Brew Coffee
Gourmet, shade grown, fresh air roasted coffee.
The Reading Coffee Roasters
Regular and decaffeinated, dark roasts, flavored gourmet coffees, and gift baskets.
Riley's Coffee & Fudge
Offers a selection of gourmet coffee, specialty coffees, handmade fudge, coffee equipment and accessories. Online coffee discussion forums.
Roasted Coffee Bean
Offering roasted gourmet whole beans or ground coffees and Yorkshire teas.
Rocky Mountain Roastery and Coffee Company
Selections include organics, various ground or whole bean choices, and a coffee of the month club.
San Marco Coffee
Roasting company offering whole bean and ground flavored, gourmet and unroasted coffees, condiments, and espresso machines.
The Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting Company
A small-batch coffee roaster focusing on Fair Trade Coffee and coffee appreciation.
Seattle Gourmet Coffee
Flavored products, espresso blends, and equipment. Also offers Seattle business start-up services.
Seattle's Best Coffee
Offers coffee and gifts. Find cafe locations and wholesale information.
Shelburne Falls Coffee Roasters
Gourmet coffees and hot chocolate mix.
Shock Coffee
Coffee beans and ready-to-drink coffee beverages with above-average caffeine content.
The Sovrana Store
Lavazza, Routin 1883 French syrups, Mocafe' frappe mixes, and related specialty coffee products, machines and accessories.
Specialty Java
Fresh roasted beans, including blends, varietals, organics, and flavors. Also includes tips for storage and brewing.
Speeder and Earl's VT
Roasts small batches on an "as needed" basis. Choose from coffees from around the world, blends, flavored beans and decaf coffees.
Stone Creek Coffee
A specialty coffee roaster with wholesale and retail sales.
Stone Mountain Coffee Roasters
Sells a wide variety of regular and decaffeinated, estate, signature blend and flavored coffees.
Surf City Coffee Company, Inc.
Hand-roasted beans and grinds, including fair trade organics, with coffee growing and processing information.
The Sustainable Cup
Roaster offers fair-traded grinds from around the world. Describes business practices and products.
Talk N' Coffee
Roaster offers whole beans and drip and perk grinds. Also available wholesale and at a Deptford, New Jersey, store.
Thomas Coffee
Ground or whole bean flavored blends. Also offers tea and Harley-Davidson-themed coffee accessories.
Torke Coffee Roasting Company
Wholesaler and retailer of roasted single origin, blended or flavored coffees. Ships in Canada and USA.
Two Loons Coffee
Large selection of premium green arabica coffee beans.
Volcanica Coffee
Roasted whole bean lines from volcanic regions including Costa Rica, Kona and Jamaica Blue Mountains.
Walla Walla Roastery
Offering specialty coffees from Africa, Indonesia, Central and South America, and beyond, as well as blends and dark or light roasts.
White Coffee
A wide variety to choose from including liqueur flavored, organic, decaffeinated, blends, and gifts.
White Rock Coffee Shop
Single origin and blends, as well as a shop in Dallas, Texas.
Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee Company
Offering whole bean arabica and special blends made using the wood-fire roasting process. Also gives coffee recipes.
Yarra Coffee & Co.
Describes organic certifications and sources of other international beans. Also gives directions to retail outlet in Lilydale, Victoria, Australia.
Z-Best Coffee
Offering freshly roasted coffee, shipping anywhere in the U.S. Includes coffee history, grinding information, and a guide to brewing and storing coffee.

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