Shopping Food Dried and Emergency Supplies
On-line retailer sites shipping dried, dehydrated and emergency preparedness food supplies as well as staples and storable foods over a wide geographic area.

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21st Century Food Storage
Dehydrated and freeze-dried storable foods with a shelf life of 5 to 10+ years.
Abby's Best
Offers a selection of dried and dehydrated foods for long term storage.
Alpine Survival
Distributor of emergency and survival food supplies.
AlpineAire Foods: Katadyn Products Inc
Foods for outdoor recreation and long-term storage with no added preservatives, flavorings, or MSG. Self-heating meals, freeze-dried and dehydrated meals.
Offers a healthy and organic drinkable meal. Lists ingredients, nutrition facts, and a blog.
A healthy, organic meal replacement mix. Describes the ingredients, nutrition facts, an FAQ, and a blog. Germany.
Offers custom meal-replacement powders. Describes product options, nutrition information, and a blog. Canada.
Blue Chip Group, Inc.
Manufacturer and wholesaler. Food storage, dry food goods, alternative milk, low-fat dry milk, non-fat dry milk, custom food blending, and bakery mixes.
Dehydrated and freeze dried foods, canned meats and cheese and butter. Grain mills, water filters, books, survival gear.
Cache Lake
Dehydrated soup mixes, breads and salad, pre-cooked meats, and desserts in pouches for camping or outdoor cooking.
Camping Food and Backpacking Food Co
Sells freeze dried food for camping and backpacking, including soups and stews, breakfasts and desserts.
Coffee Reserves LLC
Offers specially packed coffee, tea, spices and other food products for long term emergency food storage programs.
Dehydrated Food Storage
Dehydrated food and freeze dried foods for home food storage, emergency preparedness, and everyday use.
Disaster Basics
Emergency preparedness food storage, disaster packs and tools.
Emergency Food Supply
Supplying survival food supplies and disaster survival kits.
Expedition Foods
Many choices in freeze-dried, ready to eat, and self-heating camping and expedition foods shipped worldwide.
Free Legacy Food
Entrees, side dishes, breakfasts and drinks. Some gluten free. FAQ and product information.
Freeze Dry Guy
Offers freeze dried food and emergency preparedness items, including gluten free and low sodium. Also stocks water filtration systems and pet foods.
Get Survival Kits
Offers survival kits including for classrooms, and for long term storage.
Harveston Farms
Manufacturer of dehydrated food and food storage with up to 25 year shelf live on many products.
Precooked meals that come with a water-activated heater. No refrigeration is required.
Honeyville Food Products Inc
Complete line of freeze dried and dehydrated foods, whole grains, flours, baking ingredients, canned foods, corn products in bulk packaging. Also sells kitchen supplies.
A vegan, nutritionally complete powdered food made in the UK. Includes nutrition details, ingredients, FAQ, and a forum.
Offers powdered nutrient-complete meals in a variety of flavors. Has formulations for exercise, waking up, and vegans. Based in The Netherlands.
Chocolate-flavored powdered food designed for a ketogenic diet. Describes purchasing options, its nutrition, and its history.
Lindon Farms
Provides gourmet, freeze-dried and air-tight foods that will last up to twenty years.
Meal Kit Supply
Offers food products with a five year shelf life, fully hydrated meals with heaters. Ideal for use in emergency preparedness, business continuity, disaster response and recovery. Ships in the United States and in Canada.
Mixon and Wiggins/Savannah Cinnamon Company
Makers of dry mixes: one to add to wine and freeze for slushies, another sugar-free to add to beverages, cake batter, or whipped toppings.
Mother Earth Products
Provides dried vegetables, freeze dried fruit andvegetables, TVP and meat substitutes, and other grains and legumes as well as drink mixes.
Mountain House
Lightweight, easy-to-prepare meals. Includes vegetarian and gluten free items.
My Food Storage
Long term food storage supplies including freeze dried fruits and vegetables, and water filtration.
Nuharvest Foods
Freeze dried long term meals, meat, vegetables and fruit with a 30 year expiration. Based in Spanish Fork, Utah.
Nutriom LLC
Manufacturers of OvaEasy Egg Crystals, an all-natural powdered egg that tastes like fresh eggs.
Outdoor Herbivore
Produces vegetarian and vegan dried meals for backpacking and outdoor recreation. Made with organic ingredients.
A powdered meal replacement that is soy-free and vegan. The Netherlands.
Quintessential Outdoor Fare
Offers freeze-dried camp foods and outdoor equipment.
Rainy Day Foods
Major supplier of dehydrated foods and food storage. A division of Walton Feed.
A liquid or powdered staple food intended to be maximally nutritious, time saving, and environmentally sustainable. FAQs, nutritional details, blog, and a forum.
The Storage Room
Offers dehydrated and freeze-dried foods for long term storage.
Survival Warehouse
Survival gear including first aid, cooking and firestarters, and long term food storage.
Survivalist Food
Selling freeze dried and dehydrated bulk food storage with a shelf life of 25 years. Ships throughout the United States and to Canada.
Valley Food Storage
Emergency and long term food storage.
Wilderness Dining
Sells freeze dried and dehydrated camping food, utensils, pots, pans and ovens for back country cooking. Also offers cookbooks.
Wise Company
Offering emergency food supplies as well as water filtration kits and survival kits.

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