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Granola and muesli cereals and snacks.
Bob's Red Mill
Packaged and bulk stone ground whole grain and natural foods in small or large quantities. Available from the mill or from retail stores.
The Bread Beckers, Inc.
Suppliers of grains, supplies, and equipment for bread making.
Butte Creek Mill
Offers corn, wheat, rye, triticale, rice, soya, millet, buckwheat, and oat flours, grains, and mixes.
C.H. Guenther and Son
Provides flour, baking and biscuit mixes, gravy mixes, and tortilla products under the brand names Pioneer, White Lily, and White Wings.
Grizzlies Granola and Nuts
An artisanal food company located in Eugene, Oregon, making Grizzlies brand breakfast cereals and trail mixes.
HiStakes Spelt
Featuring spelt berries and flour, grain mills and mixers, and bread baking accessories.
Homestead Gristmill
Chemical-free products from a restored water-powered gristmill. Includes flour, baking mixes, whole grains and cookware.
Joseph's Grainery
Whole grains including barley, lentils, hard red wheat and soft white wheat. Sold in 3, 15 or 25-pound bags. Also sold in gift baskets or packs.
Create custom cereal breakfast mix. Choose from a range of ingredients that includes non-GMO and organic.
Mu Mu Muesli
Offers a breakfast cereal made in upstate New York, using domestically grown natural and organic ingredients with no added oil sugars salts or fats. Packaged in biodegradable Kraft paper bags.
Sells mixed black and white chia seeds. Provides articles and FAQ.
Nora Mill Granary
A 123 year old grain mill in Georgia, US offers a large selection of stone ground grits, flour, cornmeal, pancake and waffle mixes as well as grains, seeds and cereals.
North Bay Trading Co.
Offers organic Canadian wild rice, Minnesota grown wild rice, dry soup mixes, and air dried vegetables. Retail and bulk options.
Northern Quinoa Corp.
Producer of specialty grains, beans, lentils, and wild rice. Products are organic or conventional, gluten-free, kosher, bulk or pre-packaged.
Nu Life Market
Produces gluten free flours, brans, and whole grains from grain sorghum.
Nu-World Amaranth
Offers amaranth-based food products and ingredients.
Quinoa Corporation
Quinoa history, harvest photographs, recipes, and sales of pastas made from quinoa.
Offers Ralston 100% Hot Wheat Cereal, USA sales only. Includes Tom Mix sponsor history.
Southern Traditional Foods
Sales of Dixie Lily and Alabama King brands of corn meal, grits, hush puppy mix, yellow rice, seafood breading mix, and Spanish bean soup mix.
Teff Company
Provides teff grain and whole grain teff flour. Offers details and history of teff grain.
Western Trails Food
Whole grain hulless barley made into flapjack mixes, stone ground flour, flakes and grits. Also sauces and bean and barley soups.
Wheat Montana Farms and Bakeries
Grains and flour sold in bulk or for home use, baker's kits and cookbooks.

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