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Baader-Meinhof (Red Army Faction RAF )
An introduction to German terrorism in the 1968-1977 period, with a timeline, explanation on relevant terms and biographies.
Das Lied der Deutschen
A brief history of the German national anthem.
Deutsches Historisches Museum
German Historical Museum, Berlin. With information on exhibitions and databases of objects and images(English/German, in partly only German).
Eastern German Studies Association
An association of scholars interested in the former German Democratic Republic.
Eurodocs: History of Germany
A list of links to primary documents (partly English translations) on German history.
Fashion Worlds: Fashion in Weimar Germany
An essay discussing images of the 'New Woman' with short bobbed hair and masculine clothes in relation to their roots in the sociological background of Germany in the 1920s.
Frederick II the Great
A biography of the King of Prussia.
German Historical Institute London
(GHIL) - A centre for research, focusing on German, English, British and Empire/Commonwealth history, and Anglo-German relations. Information on the institute, its staff, activities and publications.
German Historical Institute, Washington, DC
A research institute specialising in German and American history and international relations. Information on the institute's work, online reference guides and conference papers.
German History
A series of overview articles on periods of German history from antiquity to unification.
German History in Documents and Images
A collection of primary source materials documenting Germany's political, social, and cultural history from 1500 to the present.
German History mailing list - Archives
online archive of a medium-volume mailing list for German History scholars.
German History Society
A society of historians working in the field of German history. Site contains information on society committee and business.
German History Sources
A collection of links to English translations of original texts and to images, mostly on German history but also on arts and culture.
German Propaganda Archive
A collection of translations of Nazi and of East German propaganda material.
Germany: 1900-45
A collection of articles on topics of German history and biographies, covering the 1900-1945 period.
A moderated mailing list on scholarly topics in German history. Information, associated links and an archive of postings available on the web site.
An online community dedicated to research and teaching on the history of the Holy Roman Empire. An archive of moderated discussions and reviews are available on the website, along with links to research and teaching resources.
The Hanseatic League
Provides full-text primary and secondary sources, chronology, and bibliographic resources on the Hanseatic League, a confederation of mostly German merchant cities c.1250-1650.
Hanseatic League
An encyclopedia article on the late-medieval mercantile league.
History of Germany
From the origin of the Germanic tribes to 1990. Taken from the Area Handbook of the US Library of Congress.
Institute for German History
at Tel Aviv University. Information on study programmes and seminars, on grant and scholarhip programmes, conferences and events, publications and ongoing research projects.
Jahresberichte für deutsche Geschichte (Annual Bibliography on German History)
An online bibliography in German history from the beginnings to the present.
Orden Pour le Mérite
On the history of the Prussian/later German order, with partial lists of members of the military version, and full list of members of the peace/civilian class.
Richard Koebner Minerva Center for German History
at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. With research and teaching topics, bibliography of staff members' publications and a German history link list.
Tacitus: Germania
A 1st century Roman writer's account of the Germanic tribes.

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