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The Fur Trade and Historical Archaeology: A Bibliography
Comprehensive listing of books and articles relating to the history of the fur trade.
Library of Fur Trade Historical Source Documents
Collection of accounts of the Rocky Mountain fur trade from the 1800s through the 1840s, mostly in the form of letters and journals from travelers, fur trappers, and traders.
Mountain Men and the Fur Trade
About history of the fur trade in the Rocky Mountain West from 1800 to 1850. Intends to become a text collection of historical source materials about the trade.
Mountain Men, Fur Trappers
A list of Mountain Men and Fur Trappers with biographies and links.
The Mountain Men: Pathfinders of the West
Covering the period of 1810-1860, the topics include the Fur Trade, Explorers and Guides, a gallery of maps, the ways of the Mountain Man, and biographies.
The Museum of the Fur Trade
Dedicated to preserving the rich history of the North American fur trade and combining an outstanding collection and scholarship to interpret the story of the fur trade, the non-profit museum's three galleries discuss the fur trade from early Colonial days to the present century.
Museum of the Mountain Man
Focusing on the era of the Mountain man and the Western fur trade's historical significance. Online exhibits, museum information, photographs, events, and Rendezvous information.
Northwest Fur Traders
Information on the 4 major fur companies in the Pacific Northwest: Hudson Bay Company, Pacific Fur Company, Northwest company, and the Rocky Mountain Fur Company.
Northwest Journal
Provides detailed, well documented and referenced information for Canadian fur trade era.
Trade Goods
Short biographies of native, U.S., French and British individuals of the Midwestern fur trade era (pre-1840).
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