This category lists sites and pages devoted to the Ancient world, from the dawn of civilization to the fall of the Western Roman Empire in 476 CE (including the so-called "Antique" or "Classical" periods of Europe). The civilizations of ancient Rome, Egypt, Greece and Macedonia (including Minos and Mycenae), Mesopotamia (including Sumeria, Babylonia, and Assyria), and Persia (including Media, Pathia, and Sassania) are included here. Other Bronze Age civilizations, such as the ancient civilizations of the Americas, Africa, and the Orient, are linked to this category as well.

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The Amazing Ancient World of Western Civilization - Act I
Weaving the various ancient civilizations together in one narrative.
Ancient Britain
Photographs and information on burial chambers, chalk figures, henges, hill forts, mounds, roads, and settlements..
Ancient Civilizations
The British Museum uses objects in its collection to explore the cities, buildings technology, trade, religion and writing of the ancient world. Includes maps.
Ancient Civilizations
Collected materials and essays.
Ancient History, Archaeology and Biblical Studies
A source for on-line text documents.
The Ancient World
Electronic texts on civilizations including maps..
The Ancient World
Collection of articles and links.
The Ancient World
Links to associations, museums, and ancient civilizations
Ancient Worlds
Includes information on several civilizations and message forums with additional features to subscribers.
Ancient/Classical History
Provides articles, quizzes and other sources related to the ancient world.
Quarterly journal of archaeological research with an archive, gallery, FAQ, events and announcement, and reviews.
Classics Unveiled
A comprehensive source of information for classical studies incorporating various aspects of Greek mythology, Roman history, Roman life and Latin vocabulary and derivatives.
Collapse - Why do Civilizations Fall?
Learn what happens when a society collapses, and how archaeologists find and interpret evidence.
Earth's Ancient History
An online text that explores the theory of ancient times and dawn of mankind, and includes translations of several ancient texts from Sumer, Babylonia, the Apocrypha, Pseudepigrapha, and sacred texts.
History Link 101
Explores the art, biographies, daily life, maps, pictures, and research of the ancient and prehistoric world.
Internet Ancient History Sourcebook
Links to visual and aural material with emphasis on access to primary source texts for educational purposes.
Article and photographs on sites, cities, civilizations, and empires.
A comprehensive site on ancient Iran from the time of Achaemenids through the Parthians to the Sassanids, and includes articles, images, forum and links to resources.
Sebastos - Virtual Caesarea Maritima
Using computer generated imagery, explore Herod's masterpiece in Judea.
SF-Fandom - Ancient History Forum
Moderated for discussion for times up to circa 600 C.E.

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