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Axis History Forum
Discussion of many topics related to wartime Germany, Italy, and Japan.
World War II Forums
Topic threads include general discussion of the war, research guides, weapons, books and publications, theaters of operations, alternate history, and related recreational activities.
World War II In Color Forum
Discuss military topics by nation, including related websites, books, games, movies and other general topics.
World War II Stories: In Their Own Words Bulletin Board
Forum for exchanging personal accounts and contacting other people involved in the conflict.
World War II Zone
International discussion forum for all aspects of World War II including all theatres and battles, POW's, war crimes, preceding events, holocaust, and post-war consequences. Large photo gallery.
Yahoo Groups: World War 2
This list is concerned with the discussion of the Second World War. Any aspect of the war may be discussed: all the theaters, home fronts, military personnel, etc. It is meant for those who would like to learn more about the war and for those who enjoy discussing it.
Yahoo! Groups : bloodtearsandfolly
World War II Discussion group with photos, current news, and group reading suggestions. [Yahoo! registration required.]
Yahoo! Groups: The WWII War Room
Topics include events leading up to the war and the immediate post-war time period. [Yahoo! registration required.]
Yahoo! Groups: WehrmachtAUX
Discussion board related to women in the service of the WWII German Armed Forces. [Yahoo! registration required.]
Yahoo! Groups: World War II History Buffs
Members discuss a variety of topics related to the conflict. [Yahoo! registration required.]
Yahoo! Groups: WWII History Fiends
Discussion of various aspects of World War II, from the people, to the battles, the "food" they served at boot camp, survivor accounts of the battles. [Yahoo! registration required.]
Yahoo! Groups: WWII-Looking-Back
Non-specialized discussion group for anyone who has an interest in the war. Members share stories stories passed down from vets, as well as pictures or opinions of war movies. [Yahoo! registration required.]
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