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"And So ..." - Royal Navy stoker from Crete to German POW
Memoirs of a Royal Navy stoker captured at Crete, who spent four years as a German POW.
Bataan Diary
Website selling a book about Prisoners of War on Bataan.
Captain George Duffy's Prisoner of War page
George Duffy writes about his experience as an American Merchant Mariner who was Prisoner of War (POW) of both the Germans and Japanese during World War II.
COFEPOW - Children of Far East Prisoners of War
A charity perpetuating the memory of those Prisoners of War who were held captive in South East Asia during World War II.
Deliverance! It has come! WWII, POW Diary (1942-1945)
This site is in memory of Herman Beaber who was a WWII POW in Los Banos, Philippines.
Fepow Community
Dedicated to the POW's held by the Japanese.
Ghost of Bataan
POW survivor Abie Abraham tells the real truth about the Death March and prison camps in Bataan.
In Hell There Is A Place Called Death's Railway
Stanley Willner's experience as a prisoner of war of the Japanese at the River Kwai.
Lest We Forget: The Railway of Death
Fred Seiker's book containing paintings and stories of life as a Japanese POW building the Thai-Burma Railway.
Long Way - Watom Island
The life of a World War II prisoner of war in East New Britain Province.
MIA Joseph Thompson
Joseph Thompson has been MIA since 1943 when his plane was lost over Paupa New Guinea.
Mitsubishi Sendai #6 (Hanawa) POW Camp
Stories of survival by the Allied POWs working as slave labor for Mitsubishi Copper Mining.
Never Forgotten - The story of the Taiwan POW Camps
The story of the Japanese prisoner of war camps on the island of Taiwan (Formosa) during World War II.
POW John T Murray
The story of Prisoner of War, John T. Murray, 2nd Echelon 7th Anti Tank Regiment, from New Zealand.
POWs in Japan, World War II
Detailed information on allied POW camps under the Japanese in World War II. Includes camp and death rosters
Prisoner Of War
Eyewitness account by Dr. Paul Ashton, medical staff of the US Bataan force, contained in two books, Bataan Diary and a section called And Somebody Gives a Damn.
Prisoner of War book - POW-83
Story of one man's struggle to survive the Japanese death camps in the Philippines during World War II.
Robert D. Reeves - Peoria to Munich - A Prisoner of War
The story of one man's experiences in WWII as a Prisoner of War at Stalag VII-a, near Moosburg.
Swiss Internees Association
A site comprised of the stories of U.S. Army Air Force veterans who endured captivity by the Swiss Government during WWII.
United States Marines in North China
Records of US Marine POWs held in China by the Japanese during World War II.
World War II - Prisoners of War - Stalag Luft I
Narratives and pics of Allied prisoners of war in Germany at Stalag Luft I during World War II. Official War Dept. documents, the secret newspaper, artwork, and the German interrogators.
World War II, My Grandfather's Story
A grandson tells of the horrific and sometimes funny experiences his grandfather had as an infantryman and a Prisoner of War in Germany during World War II.
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