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Childhood: World Childhood Foundation
An international charity founded by Queen Silvia of Sweden to raise awareness of and lend aide to sexually abused or trafficked women and children. Programs and news, projects and funds.
Coalition Against Trafficking in Women-International (CATW)
A non-governmental organization that promotes women's human rights and combats sexual exploitation in all its forms. Has information about campaigns, fact books, and resources.
Friends of Maiti Nepal
Works to stop girl and women trafficking by supporting the programs and rehabilitation homes. Has details on the team, news, stories, and aid options.
Interpol: Trafficking in human beings
Offers the widest possible mutual assistance between all criminal police authorities and provides a structured platform for raising awareness, building competence and identifying best practices within law enforcement worldwide.
Maiti Nepal
Crusading for the prevention of girl trafficking, rescue, rehabilitation, integration of survivors of trafficking. Has news and events, resources, and galleries.
Project Gutenberg: A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil
Full text of 1912 book by Jane Addams which describes the problem of women forced into prostitution.
Trafficking in Human Beings
Information on various forms of trafficking in human beings.
Trafficking Policy Research Project
Collects and presents research and commentary regarding the effects of United States Trafficking Laws and Policies in the US and internationally.
'Globalized, Wired, Sex Trafficking In Women And Children' by Vanessa von Struensee
Arguing that trafficking in women is a form of violence against women and a clear violation of fundamental human rights, the author provides a general discussion of the social, economic, and legal dimensions of the problem. (June 01, 2000)

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